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  1. Yup, seen a few scissor kicks over the seasons on FM21. But also, I think the most random one is when my defence is under attack or just won the ball back, every now and then, the defender in possession, starts playing back heels to his team mates
  2. Thanks Tig. I'll have a look. Not sure I saw it so maybe it's not an option for every player but cheers for that
  3. But what I want to know is, after getting relegated, are you all automatically getting sacked, or do you still get a season or two to steady and improve again?
  4. ps...... on negotiating part time contracts - do you just take the the weekly wage and unused sub out and put a value in for appearance fees? I've tried this and I cannot get the weekly wage to zero, it only lets me get down to about £20.00 per week, which obviously I don't want to do
  5. Cheers everyone for your input. All very enlightening and makes a lot of sense playing the game. I am in the Isthmian Premier Division after winning the Isthmian South League. I did evaluate my squad a lot. On looking, there was one player who's wage was actually 11% of my wages budget, so he had to go, along with a few more with similar %. I've had a couple of loanees come in from slightly higher leagues, so i've got high hopes that they can do a job but like you say, it's not easy to attract them. Maybe i'm expecting too much as i've not got experience of lower league management. What's your experiences with getting young goalkeepers in from teams, say two leagues above you - do they tend to get all nervy and bottle the games you really need them in, or do you find because they are young (and probably have as good stats as your pub keeper), that they have a blinding season. I realised that I only had one keeper who was 16, so got a couple of quick part time transfers in, and I don't think they are up to it at all, so need to get a new one in
  6. Scouts I think I may have one scout. Can't afford any more than that right now. I guess he's going to be a busy lad then
  7. Ah, that's a shame. Thought that might keep me afloat
  8. Cheers for that Kenton. Makes sense. The shame of it, is that my best three players are the ones on a wage and scored 50+ goals between them. I think they are all on 2021 expiring contracts so I'll just have to let them go for nowt and try to crack the next league up. From what i'm reading, this is going to be very tough
  9. Superb post. Everything is through experience and runs right down to the depths of the very low leagues. I'll be taking this on board myself, as I know i'm going to have plenty of the above issues Love the bit about writing down the players instead of adding to a shortlist. That is different level
  10. Cheers for that Tig. Yes, I know what you mean about getting them to accept part time contracts. I suspect the only one's i'll get, are pub players! I have a fair few players already on zero wages and an appearance fee only, so maybe I just keep going until I find some that take the offer I wasn't sure how to offer a part time contract - is it just offering zero wages and appearance only, as I can't find a drop down for part time anywhere
  11. Yup, seems a common trend - if I accept his team selection for a game, when I get to matchday and submit the team, there are always unfit players
  12. Morning everyone, I'm after some help from those a bit more knowledgeable than me in the game. So, i've been managing Ashford United who were in the Isthmian Southern League and I managed to win that league in my first season and been promoted. My finances are dreadful and one of my goals by the board for next season, is to get the bad finances back to something decent. I suspect if I don't do this, i'll probably get sacked, so need to get a few things straight before I start my next season. So, the reason for my post is contracts and playing costs. Firstly, I do have a few players on £200+ per week contracts, which at £400 per week is going to be £2800+ per month. My wage budget is only £3200 so I will have to get rid of them. I will need to get all of my players on a 'pay-as-you-play' contract - is that possible? Is that a part time contract? If so, how do I offer this as whenever I approach a player to sign, they appear to want a weekly wage and if I drop that to £0.00 then the agent just drops me like a stone. How do I get them on part time? Second one is about arranging friendlies. I can see that I can select a team and it shows me costs and income. Do those costs include all wages etc or are the costs just for ground upkeep, lighting, staff etc? My thinking is that I can arrange friendlies and if say the costs are £2000 and the income is £600, then that is all profit and I can do two or three of those a month (or more) to bump up my bank balance? Thanks in advance, a bit of a big first post, but I don't want to start the second season without getting a few things set up correctly. Cheers
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