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  1. I uninstalled the app and reinstalled it and let it install the new data again and it worked, so try that maybe 😁
  2. Hello, yes I've done this and it updated data thank you 😊
  3. Would I need to uninstall and then reinstall the game maybe?
  4. Hi yes I cleared it and went back into it and loaded up the game and it was still the same
  5. I am playing career mode and it's not just my team I can't see, it's all teams, but you can click on the screen where the teams should be and a player profile will come up i just can't see anything
  6. I have a Samsung Galaxy A7 tablet 10.4inch and version 10. I've tried clearing my cache and that didn't work, it did have some sort of data update yesterday hasn't worked since
  7. I can't see my team when I click on the squad option, and I also can't see them when I'm playing a match, other things have disappeared too when you come to click on them you can't see players name
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