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  1. Hey @Julius Flusfeder, it's working for me with using enter to confirm rather than click with the mouse somewhere like I used to do. Thanks for your time and effort
  2. No problem. So okay let's say Mac Allister, with his request changing nothing but the normal wage, it works as it's used to be. But when I permanently exclude the release clause and the wage increase after five international games, I offer 3 Mio € p/a, he requests 4.59 Mio € p/a, I offer 3.5 or 4 Mio € p/a with the "negotiate" button, but the game just accepts his 4.59 Mio € p/a request. I usually do exclude the release clauses and wage increase after games. I hope it will let you reproduce the issue now, sorry I haven't mentioned that earlier. But changing the format to p/w and p/m
  3. Hey Julius, cheers for the quick check, I changed the format to the one you're using (wage per week) to double-check and tried it out with König and Mac Allister. Indeed I've been able to lower their requested wages through the negotiation progress like usually. It also works with the "wage per month"-format. My problem still occurs in the format I'm using "wage per year" with both Euro and Pound Sterling, so it doesn't seem like it's the matter of currency but the format of wage visualisation format you use. Kind regards, Dom
  4. Hello, this is my first post in the forum :D, so basically since the first winter update was released yesterday I can't negotiate contracts with players properly anymore whether it's a contract extension or a new signing. The problem is the following: When I start negotiations with a player I cannot negotiate his demanded salary down anymore. For example he demands 4 Million Euros per year. Then I offer 3 million and the player still demands 4 (usually he should've lowered his demand.) Then in the next step I raise my offer to 3.25 Million, press the "negotiate" button yet the game
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