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  1. Ahah na segunda época não joguei no Jamor, mandaram me para o Municipal de Grândola Na primeira e aí sim no Jamor fiquei em oitavo, na segunda primeiro e na terceira em terceiro Isto com um plantel 100% português, agora na quarta fartei-me e comecei a contratar estrangeiros também
  2. Hello Knap I'm using Holyghostfire 4132NP104ECFA The tactic is incredible, I managed to be champion in the second season with Belenenses SAD But I have some questions for you, I notice that I have a lot of red cards, when it happens what change do you recommend? Take a striker and keep the midfield? I also noticed that I suffered a lot of goals against attacks coming from corners or throws in my favor Congratulations on your work, regards
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