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  1. Woho.. the first season has started of the dafuge challenge.. Won 4-0 against Hinckley!! Goals by Dillon, El-Harrati, Bola and Field.. Hope we can keep this form.
  2. @tapwater: to bad mate, trying to be become champion next season?
  3. Can't wait to get home and play.. grrr @work
  4. Just signed my best player for this season already.. Dream came true. Hello Loris Karius.. Ok, ok he signed for € 300 a week, but still. Loris Karius - keeper
  5. I am in again! Took charge of Redditch United Profile
  6. Thx Terk & SnakeXe! Very curious on what kind of players I can get with my rep. Hope that I can get Guiseley to be my parrent team for a couple of season. That would be awesome. Will update my last 2 seasons with Guiseley tomorrow aswell..
  7. Woohooo... I just resigned as manager of Guiseley (2024). And waited till some nice new team will pop up in the BSN/S. And some nice teams showed their faces. I decided to sign for a team that didn't get into the BS in all those years I played with Guiseley. Only two teams filled that criterium. Halesowen and Stocksbridge! I decided to go for Stocksbridge... Added a new manager, took over Stocksbridge, deleted the account and applied with my Guiseley manager account. The chairman just sended me a message saying: he warmly welcome me and he is delighted that one of the worlds top managers signed for his club... This gonna have some eyes rolling in the world. AWARDS/WON: 2009-2024 Guiseley: Premier League 5x Champions League 2x, Europa League 1x, FA Cup 2x, League Cup 1x, Community Shield 4x, FA Trophy 1x, Blue Square Premier 1x, CocaCola League 2 1x, CocaCola Championship 1x 2023-2024 Brazil: Copa America 1x 2024-.... Stocksbridge
  8. As in you left your old team? Way to go! Gonna do the same at the end of my season (december now atm)
  9. Just got sacked as manager of Brazil.. Ahwell, after I won the Copa America, I now just drawed 3 times in the WCSA QS (vs Argentina, Uruguay and Colombia) and the sack me... Fine by me.
  10. Like OMG... My rock in defence Brau has a rough start. Don't know what is happening in his personal life atm but jeez... His 3rd red card in the three matches he played... I gave him a 2 weeks wage warning. And now he thinks he has been treated unfair. Like WTF!
  11. Say hello to 'bad luck' from now on midgetram but looks very promissing!
  12. I think when I finish this season I will start all over again, but within this game. If I want to do that, can I fire the coach who is at that club? I could change my mind later on, because I am just in September atm but still, won everything there is to win with Guiseley. And having a team with only Guiseley players is gonna take min. 20 years imo.
  13. Congratz Thebaker on winning the PL! Looks you finally got yourself a good solid defence!
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