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  1. Woho.. the first season has started of the dafuge challenge.. Won 4-0 against Hinckley!! Goals by Dillon, El-Harrati, Bola and Field.. Hope we can keep this form.
  2. @tapwater: to bad mate, trying to be become champion next season?
  3. Can't wait to get home and play.. grrr @work
  4. Just signed my best player for this season already.. Dream came true. Hello Loris Karius.. Ok, ok he signed for € 300 a week, but still. Loris Karius - keeper
  5. I am in again! Took charge of Redditch United Profile
  6. Wow we are going amazing! 5 wins in a row now!! Mostly because of our keeper Sebek
  7. Oh yeah looking up again! 3rd game in BSP we won! And how, destroying Barrow with 1-5!
  8. Pff thought I would have an awesome team in the BSP. Just lost my 2nd game vs Darlington 3-2 :/
  9. First game in the BSP against Kettering end in a 0-0. Best part is I didnt concede a goal I guess
  10. OMG Dons looks awesome, their potential that is...
  11. @wriches @jaffa lol, I have the most worse Rooney of you two, and ever worser is he is one of my top players lol
  12. Season 2011/12 Review - FC United in the Blue Square North - 4th Profile League Table Past Positions Finances Terrible start, but a great comeback after all. Next to that we almost threw away our chances for playoff by losing and drawing a lot of our last games. Eshan Zamani and Nathan Rooney did just great in midfield, problems were found in the back of our team; pointing at the defenders and goalkeeper. I know it is easy, but it is a fact. So there will be some change for sure. Still not really happy with the tactics I use, but atm holding on to my 4-3-1-2, which worked for me in the fm10 dafuge challenge. Most prob. it doesnt work yet because of the wrong kind of players. FA Cup | FA Trophy Oh my god, do I really want to talk about our cup run. It was awfull. The FA Cup ended quite soon ending in the 4th Rnd losing to Grimsby. The FA Trophy was even worser, losing in the 3rd round to Altrincham. Really, really want to end in the semi or final next season. For fun I would love to play a big Premiership team next season in the FA Cup. Squad Transfers As mention earlier, I had Zamani and Rooney as midfield couple. Next to that loved Risamasu, Keane and Henderson. Players: Best defender this season (mine pov): - Jeff Henderson Best midfielder this season (mine pov): - Eshan Zamani Best attacker this season (mine pov): - Adi Yussuf Player of the season (mine pov): - Eshan Zamani Youngsters: No youngsters here, signed a couple great talents but not good enough to make it in the first eleven. So kinda giving the money for nothing atm Aim for next season: Subtop. With the transfers allready made, eh call it free transfers, I think I have a great squad but not a lot of depth. So if it will be an injury prone season it is going to be thug, otherwise it could be a great great season with new players like: Chris Porter, Borini, Hingley, Sebek (greaaaat goalkeeper) and Miquel. Also busy with some dutch people who are on trial with me. Maybe one, or two will get a contract! Love dutch players, but guess I won't find a 2nd Sneijder, Van Persie or Van der Vaart Season Team League Finished Achievements 2011/12 FC United Blue Square North 4th Promoted
  13. rofl! Getting a lot of goals against to overhere, but scoring alot at front aswell... playning 4-3-1-2
  14. It is going to be a great first season in BSP! Just signed Chris Porter!!!!
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