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  1. Please don't make me read the last 10 pages of this thread... So, how's the engine after that last big update? Any noticeable improvements?
  2. Doesnt' work. Got it on max and matches still only show in Social Feed
  3. Is it possible in FM19 to show match results of a competition I'm not participating in, in the inbox? I'm playing in Champions League and of coruse there are matches shown in my inbox but I would like to see, for example, World Cup matches too. But the results are shown only in the Social Feed menu in News and I would like to see them in inbox too. Any way to do that? I'm talking about this view:
  4. 19.2 is utter ridiculous. The number of goals from 16+ meteres is absurd.
  5. I think there is even more lag in the UI after the update. Making tactics changes during the game, moving between stats screens is slow - there is distinct hang-up moment. Same with checking profile of scouted players. And that's just after 15mins with new update. This UI continues to be the worst in the history of this series. What a joke.
  6. Anyone else noticed that defenders have huge problems with long balls coming deep from opposing team defenders? Just long ball from their defence and their strikes often have clean run on my goal. It happens much too often imho.
  7. Yea, the UI is simply a joke. It's been like that for 3 or 4 years now. Every year we have worse and worse UI design. It's quite baffling how bad it is. Guess they lost main UI designer and gave his job to bunch of interns, lol.
  8. Just played for 2 hours and ehh... For the last few years I got the impression they change the UI just to for the sake of it, so they can somehow show that it is new version of FM. New UI is ugly, badly optimized and on top of it all they removed 2D Classic, lol. Also, I got 60fps in the match engine and still the animation, ball movement feels jerky It shapes up to be the worst FM in years.
  9. Anyone else thinks that amount of goals from crosses is RIDICULOUS? I've been scoring (and losing) soooooo many goals in that way, it's completely stupid. Full Back have no idea how to defend agaist players who cross, then just run next to them doing nothing and when I a see cross coming from the wide I'm always 90% sure it will be a goal. And Im right 8 out of 10 times. It's absurd.... I'm playing as Blackburn in Championship.
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