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  1. 37 minutes ago, Piperita said:

    I recently started this kind of 3-4-3 as well. It was my favourite formation back at the other FM and I wanted to have a quick test to see if it translates; now that the WCB is on the horizon, I need some baseline for comparison ^^

    [Pictures to follow once I'm out of the office]

    The roles I chose were
    __SKd----CDd, CDd, CDd----RGAs, VOLs---WMs, WMS---Ta---PFa, PFs

    Individual instructions:
    __Outer CD: Stay Wider. They also both have "Brings Ball out of Defense"
    __RGA:  Tackle Harder. PPM to drop deep. If I play against heavy presses, I switch him for a DLPs
    __VOLs: Forward, Tackle Harder
    __WMs: Forward, Stay Wider, Cross Less Often, Tackle Harder

    Team Instructions:
    --Play out of Defense
    --[Counter] --> This adds a good 5 to 8 shots a game but with less accuracy. Perfect for my team but a risk if only few players have the finishing
    --Much Higher Defensive Line
    --Offside Trap
    --Force inside
    --More Urgent Pressing

    General idea:
    The team is compact in midfield and makes it hard to break down if the wingers and defenders have the speed advantage. The Pressing Forwards harass the backline until they either make a mistake (and with the other striker, a free-flowing playmaker, and the two wingers bombing forwards, there are lots of early passing options) or play a long ball that is easy to pick up for the five at the back and WM. If something goes over? They first have the trap and then the speed and space to intercept the opposition. If they try to play through the defense? It is a solid block in the middle and if they go wide the centre is packed with big strong boys and the WM and outer CD and/or DM also challenge whenever they try to cut inside late.

    Both strikers also balance the Trequartista who presses and tackles less urgently but absolutely dominates the spaces given to him by the formation. His biggest strength however? Moving into the channels between fullback and centreback and making way for the wingers to run down the line or cut inside. Or to occupy the DM enough for the Volante to arrive late for a long shot.

    Findings about PPM
    --I have two PFa currently in my squad:
    _____My reserve striker came with the combination of "Likes Ball played into Feet" and "Tries First Time Shots" is an absolute beast from the bench. Low crosses from the WM on his side and through balls from the Ta come directly at his feet and he immediately goes for the shot. Against tired opponents he scores quite well, despite being stock-average otherwise. If I bred some players that have even better movement and first touch? Or are adept at using both feet? A great option to have and as this player uses only few headers and dribbles not that much? Two strong dump stats :)
    _____My main striker is a poor man's Haaland. Not quite so fast. Not quite as strong at finishing. But a little bit taller and blessed(?) with the playmaker PPM of trying to pass instead of shooting and dictating tempo. Which makes him quite unique: He gets a lot of headers from the crosses the WM and Ta offer him and he gets enough chances to score. But when a counter is in progress and he comes from the side, he doesn't do the classical move of cutting inside or shooting with his bad foot, he instead makes flat passes to the players rushing forwards.

    --For the PFs I see little difference whether or not he has "Plays with back to goal". They both have roughly the same stats. Which is a shame because I wanted him to set the WM and Ta into motion. What made a difference however was to tell him to shoot with power. This really buffs his long shots that get on target and make them a danger, both directly and from rebounds.

    --The Ta is a role with so much liberty, that a player with good flair and mentals can probably be left alone. Alas, my two options already come with some "baggage". One has the nice combination of "One-Twos", "Comes Deep" and "Gets into Area". Which makes him highly mobile and lets him dominate the entire midfield area and often arrive at precisely the right moment around the box. But when not countering and instead building up normally, he clashes with the Regista at times and there is a hole in the front that makes attacks either slow or predictable. The other Ta just has "Killer Balls" and "Gets Forward More Often". As Ta he still roams freely in midfield to receive the ball but he then tends to be less show-offy, instead dribbling free and either passing or shooting directly.

    --Both outer CD desperately need "Brings Ball out of Defense". Even as CD this makes them exploit the spaces left on the flanks.

    Skills needed
    --The WM are key. I often use Wingbacks here because they tend to be fast, have good movement in both offense and defense and, this is key, they know how to tackle. They don't necessarily need a speed advantage over the opposition because there is still a big block behind them, but they should never be completely outclassed and should have at least one way to stop them. Be it through tackles or movement is secondary. Unless I have two towers in the centre, crossing is secondary as low cross-passes or cutbacks to the Ta are often the better weapons. Dribbling is nice to have but when they have it, they should be quicker and have great balance/agility -- losses of possession hurt them a lot!
    --The Central Defenders however must be quick and mentally fit. The Offside Trap must work and they are tasked to sweep up long balls and to follow whoever gets through.
    --I like both my DM to be relatively complete offensively. Movement, long shots, AND Vision/Passing make them hard to counter because they can arrive late, shoot from distance, or play some tricky balls. Corresponding PPM and switching positions can further help them there. Defensively my main focus is strength and tackling as well as healthy Aggressiveness/Bravery.

    Results and usual matches
    I went through the preseason, first round of the cup and two qualifying rounds of the EuroLeague with hardly any shot on target faced. Usually it ended something like 2,45 to 0,13. Weaker teams got obliterated and teams on my level or slightly higher couldn't get through and were defeated on the counter. Repeatedly.

    At the Bundesliga though? First match I made the mistake to not factor in that Leverkusen has really, really fast wingers. This resulted in two early mistakes costing me and after ten minutes I was 0-2 down. It resulted in a really fun 4-3 and an amazing effort by the offense but defensively there were holes!

    The next games were easy results with lots of goals and even though the defense allowed little throughout most of the match, they made a few big mistakes and after leads of two to three goals were achieved, often the got complacent and in the span of a few minutes the opposition's xG went from a respectable 0,2 to something like 0,9. Or they managed to score a quick one completely out of nowhere. I hope that with better CD and some heavy mentoring there will be more solidity!

    Where the formations shines the most though? Weirdly enough whenever one player gets send of and I play with the Regista centrally and the VOLs out. Once the opposition opens up as result, the counters are absolutely deadly!

    That is an interesting write-up and can’t wait to see some pictures. I may give this a try and see how it performs!

  2. Hello guys and girls,


    just wanted to ask as to how you think would be the best way to set up the formation and roles for how Brentford play in real life? Always been intrigued by 3 ATB formations and especially as how Brentford are currently playing some really solid football in real life. 

    The picture shown is the recent formation for Brentford’s win against West Ham. What do you guys think?


  3. 9 minutes ago, herne79 said:

    I've been pinged a couple of times here so one thing I'll add if going down this road - it's important to understand the relationship between the role you give to a player and the player's own attributes / Traits.

    Each player will play the same role in a different way because of their attributes & Traits.  The example I usually use here is the Trequartista.  If you read the Treq's definition and look at the defined PIs for the role, you'll expect the role to be all flair and no trousers - a genius on the ball but a passenger when possession is lost.  We've probably all seen that clip of Messi just standing there as an opponent with the ball runs past him.  So if you use a player with a very poor work ethic (according to their attributes such as Work Rate) then that's what you'll get on the pitch.  But use a player with a high degree of work rate in that role and it'll play very differently on the pitch - he won't just stand there watching people run past him, he'll get involved in the action even when defending.

    As far as Traits go, consider this as an example - lots of players who play in the fullback / wingback positions have the Trait "gets forward often".  Now think what might happen if you take a player with that Trait and give him a wingback or fullback role with the Attack duty.  That'll make him very aggressive at getting forward but he might not be so good at getting back to defend.  So do you really need to give such a player the Attack duty?  That's not to say you can't, you'll just need to pay attention to how things play out and adjust if needed.

    What I'm describing here is important for any tactic you build, regardless of how many TIs and PIs you use.  But it becomes arguably more important to pay attention to how players and roles combine the fewer TIs and PIs you use because you're relying more on your players and their roles without the crutch of TIs and PIs to prop things up.

    Interesting. I’m literally, as we speak, reading through all the posts in your no/less TIs and PIs challenge and it’s interesting to see how other FMers have set up their teams with minimal TIs/PIs instructions. It’s interesting the points you’ve made that I hadn’t considered regarding player traits. There is still a level of complexity in regards to creating a tactic and choosing a balanced set of player roles and duties whilst also taking into account individual player traits. Thank you for stopping by and giving some advice, it’s given me lots to consider!

  4. 41 minutes ago, CARRERA said:

    Yes, you can completely do that. TI / PI's is just a secondary or third layer to customize your tactics and match a specific style or whatever. When creating a new tactic your first step should always be to set up your formation, roles and duties (and mentality for the broad idea of how you want to play) before starting to fine tune with TI's after a few matches.

    Appreciate the response, I never thought to look it at like in that order. I’ve always loved the idea of playing with a 442 or 4411 due to the balance and stability they provide so I may revisit these formations. So say I wanted to play a 442/4411 a good starting point is to focus on finding a good balance of player roles and duties first and then tweak until it plays as I want it to play then start incorporating TIs?

  5. 43 minutes ago, kingjericho said:

    Like this?

    It is absolutely possible to create a good tactic without TI or PI. For the record I never use any PI in my tactics. And TI are only a set of instructions of how you want the team to specifically do something. But if you have a general idea of what you want, often enough setting the appropriate roles to your desired effect is just enough.

    A simple example: I want to play deep, breaking out in quick transitions. I can set a cautious mentality and then use roles like BBM, W, IW, and AF to have those players attack the space left behind at full speed.

    Hey that’s really cool! Not seen that resource before so I’ll defo check it out. It’s also reassuring that it is possible to create a winning tactic without TIs and PIs especially when you’re still learning about what each team instruction does. Thanks for the reply. 

  6. Hello the fine people of this community. Just wanted to open up a discussion about the topic in the title. As the title says has anyone had success implementing tactics that didn’t use TIs or PIs?

    Ive played FM for a quite a few years but has always focused on plug n play tactics instead of making my own tactic and thought I’d change my approach this year. I’ve read numerous resources about the importance of roles and duties in creating a tactic especially the great guide pairs and combinations but one thing I’ve always wanted to know is whether it was entirely possible to create a winning tactic focused solely on player roles and duties without TIs or PIs? Just focusing on a balanced, simple tactic?

  7. Since the latest patch I have been having an issue where when playing a match the game begins to get jittery and lagging which leads to the app closing and having to reload the game. This can happen on the 3D and 2D camera. It’s starting to become unplayable. Anyone else have a similar issue? I usually have 3 leagues loaded and at least 3 star in performance  


    latest version of football manager

    Apple Ipad 9.7inch (2018)

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