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  1. Wow Eugene that's some serious experimenting there... You should know that scouts' evaluations are relative to players in your own squad. If you have no left-back, then they might give a rubbish one 4.5 stars because it's a position that you need to fill. Contrastingly, if you have 4 world-class central midfielders and a few bright youth prospects, they might give a youngster a maximum 3 stars despite having clearly high potential. @OP If I had one bit of advice for you: Focus your scouts more. I had all mine set to roam the world for many seasons, and excluding the occasional gem, they were fairly fruitless in their efforts. Constantly finding decent players, but I'm wanting wonderkids. I noticed a high proportion of the world's talent at the time (~2025) was from Brazil and Argentina specifically. So I simply took my 4 best scouts, and told 1 to go to each country and 2 to roam South America and suddenly they're uncovering gems like you wouldn't believe. Identify in your game where the good players are coming from, and send your scouts there; stop wasting their time in St. Kitts and American Samoa.
  2. Babies named after you.

    I'm assuming the first suggestion is a joke, but the next one is actually quite a good one. Look at Lukaku now- I'm fairly sure he has Chelsea and Drogba favoured (in-game). He makes no secret of this preference in real life, leading many to speculate that Chelsea will probably be his new club in a season or two, but FM doesn't really mimic this in any way. @underwatersunlight To the best of my knowledge, whether or not your surname is in the database is irrelevant, in fact having one that's not in the database makes a son easier to spot!
  3. This isn't a bad idea. Bombard him with playing-related bonuses while he's still playing, and hope that he signs a contract with a much lower basic wage. In this way, he'll be getting paid handsomely when he's playing, but his wages will effectively decrease when he retires.
  4. Do you change

    I download a tactic, apply it, and leave it there unchanged no matter who I play with. I'm in 2031 now and haven't touched it since I first downloaded it. Tactics just don't really interest me all that much, so I prefer someone else to do that part for me. I enjoy the money side of the game more.
  5. Oh wow I've been signing young Brazilians for many years on my game but always just assumed this was how the system worked... I've generally been trying to get them on 5 year deals (so that I have at least 1 year to play with when they join) and hoping their egos haven't risen so much that they won't sign an extension ~6 months after joining. I really hope this is fixed, it'll save me a lot of stress!
  6. I agree, this makes sense,but I don't actually know. Surely in real life a club doesn't just announce that it's "Professional". Surely it's moreso a case of having the reputation, ambition, and funds to gradually professionalise every staff member by getting them on full-time contracts. Perhaps there's more to it than that, like officially registering with the FA as a professional club, which actually might be correct because it's triggered this memory: Way back a few years, Aston Villa (not professional at the time) were accused of being a 'Professional' club for buying a player a pair of boots! I know I'm rambling now, but having remembered this, I think it may in fact be more of a case of external registration, rather than how the club is run internally. On a side note... Every time a club declares it's new status, it always reminds me of The Office when Michael declares BANKRUPTCY
  7. I have to confess... That's the first time I've ever seen FM in 3D. And it looks pretty dam good! (This is coming from someone who has played FM to death for years but always turns 3D off ) Time to give it a try I think.
  8. Brazilian clubs are the best. The offer me my player's value for a one month loan with no option to buy! I'm raking it in, and wait for the best part... The loan only lasts ONE DAY
  9. Oh god that's Second Life isn't it... You ought to be ashamed of yourself!
  10. That just means you have an asking price of about 300m set. It's always around half the asking price, for some reason... Don't get too excited, you only get a tiny fraction of that for him.
  11. Real Madrid in financial crisis!? How'd they manage that?
  12. Spot on, Boooooom and bterz. I hate Italy as much as any football-loving Australian, and wouldn't hesitate to land a right hook on Totti if ever I had the chance, but to let these sentiments influence the playability of the league in Football Manager is absurd. People need to relax, take a breather, and look at the facts. This is not corrupt, this is widely used by the top clubs, and is absolutely legit. It is no more 'corrupt' than an English club purchasing a player who can't get a work permit with the intention of loaning him to an affiliate club to gain citizenship. It is a valuable and ingenius work-around, and I'm sure the Premier League players out there would be up in arms if the aforementioned ability was not included in the game, so Serie A gamers have every right to expect this to be introduced. I think the more difficult aspect is logistics- How do SI actually go about implementing this. I'm not sure whether an 'affiliate' type reationship should be set up between clubs (eg. Inter and Chievo) or if it should be more of a once-off deal between two clubs depending a lot on who has a non-EU slot available. The in-game benefits would be fantastic whether the player controls the big or smaller club: Obviously, the bigger club is able to sign their player, whilst the smaller club would benefit hugely from having a talented youngster at the club for a time and would also perhaps get a sizable payment for their cooperation. I think the easiest way would be for the game to treat it as an instant loan, without ability to recall, for a season (or two). The player signs for the big club, but instead moves to the small club on loan for a year, due to return to the big club after this time.
  13. I was just thinking about this myself actually, so I'm glad someone brought it up. All the nay-sayers in here misunderstand the suggestion, I think. The forged documents are beyond the scope of FM, I don't think that should be implemented; and the request to find some long-lost Spanish/Portuguese great uncle to get dual citizenship is attractive, but again probably not something that needs to be implemented given we already have 2nd nationalities (though the case could be made that newgen 2nd nationalities need major tweaking to increase the number of South Americans with dual EU citizenship). The option to sign a foreigner via another club with a spare EA slot really must be implemented. It is such an integral part of managing in Serie A, especially given the incredible number of promising Brazilians on FM this year. Many posters above seem to relate this to corruption in some way, which just highlights their lack of knowledge and prejudices toward the Italian game. There have been some great examples listed above of where this system has been put to great, legal use (Kerlon, Obinna, Julio Cesar, etc).
  14. I think the main reason it was closed is because you filled it with slabs of incoherent crap. You could try improving by using punctuation, and stop sharing your conspiracies about the 'scripted' match engine. (posting using your phone is is no excuse. If you can't post properly, try to avoid doing it at all)
  15. I expect it would increase their penalty saving attribute... (it's hidden, which is probably why you're not familiar with it).