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  1. People are leaving it to AM because interface got needlessly wonky. But it's not just for training, so at least they are being very consistent.
  2. If a player reaches his full potential (his CA = PA) and if he is still on a, for example, Individual Role training for Inside Forward on Heavy, does it mean - as I am guessing from observing the game - he will try to improve his highlighted attributes on the expense of the others? My guess is that happens and what I'd really like is for him to stay exactly as he is, can't go up, don't change anything, do not lose any other attributes so others can improve. What do?
  3. I just fielded this formation as Liverpool against Barcelona, first 1/4 CL away game. First half: They scored within the first minute, because I did not set up properly attacking set pieces on time, we had everyone in the box and it was an easy counter for them. But - we are dominating the possession, tackling, and most importantly - the positioning is just perfect. We are destroying them with through balls; we had four "1 on 1" situations, which Coutinho and Sturridge failed to capitalize on. We did manage to equalize. Second half: They recovered possession and since Sturridge was doing really bad as SS, I had to substitute him; we lost his physical presence up front and our long balls started to noticeably lose their effectiveness. It wasn't working at all, so I tried to penetrate somehow by telling them to dribble at defence with shorter balls coming to their feet. We weren't as dangerous during open play, but we scored another from a deflected corner ball. 1-2, we won. I am more than pleased with what I saw.
  4. In my second season, I am basically destroying the opponents; first three games were: Man. Utd. at home 4-0, Chelsea away 1-2 for us, and Arsenal away 1-1 even-though they were 1 man down since minute 4. I'm on a 10 league games winning streak, with 14 wins and 2 draws. Obviously, being called overachievers, I am expecting their game-plans against us to change soon. The only real change I did so far - beside changing BBM and AP as I described in the post above Dr. Hook's - is removing retain possession, since it did make us blunt in the middle. I usually play with Much Lower Tempo and/or short passing, which still makes us being the possession based team - even without short passing. I wondered if moving my DM to the left DM slot would make him cover more on that side? His main use, of course, is to catch loose balls - and they most certainly do not choose which side they'd go to! Just wondering if it'd make sense to move him there.
  5. If I quite often get a message that a certain player is not used to playing at tempo we are employing - and if that is the tempo we play 85% of our games - does it mean he will get used to it over time, or I have to do something to change it?
  6. That did help me a lot; playing on (much) lower tempo allows me to untick retain possession and we are basically now much better in attack, the way I'd like to see. I tend to play him as replacement for Coutinho in the AML position, as IF. He is just not making it whatever I tried with him. I always believed he'd benefit more from through balls or, since he dribbles well and is quite pacy, just simple balls to feet and he can create the chances himself if needed. I dislike having Hit Early Crosses, it might be just my preference. Also, I quote from Llama3's Pairs: "You can also hit early crosses, which means floating crosses from much deeper positions, this can support a direct style of play, and it can help get the ball to your forwards from wide if your wide-men are struggling to get past their opponent, allowing them space and time to find their teammate." Back to the point: What I am trying at the moment is to get rid of BBM and AP; BBM because it seems both Henderson and Hamšik, in that position and role, tend to finish plenty of games at 6.5, which suggests it's not really the best role for this formation and set-up. I just wanted to see how it would look like if I changed them to DLP and it worked well. BUT - I want to get rid of both playmakers role, since it sort of forces players to pass ball to both DLP and AP. I tried emulating previous roles with CM/S and CM/A, where the latter is quite straightforward and is working well, but I am unsure on how to setup CM/S, since he is a little bit deeper than before as BBM even with Get Further Forward. Edit: It seems that under the new system, when we are attacking - at least on Standard, DM and CM/S are creating a partnership in the middle, with CM/A being further forward. It might work against teams who tend to press more, with some space left behind, but since most of the teams defend deep against us with plenty of players behind the ball, there is not much space for CM/S to spray balls around. Not sure what to do, really. Any other suggestion is more than welcome, thanks again.
  7. Gonna start playing tonight when I get home. Save game from this version will surely be playable with full game once I get it? Just move the save game to Documents -> SI -> etc. proper folder, right? Should be compatible.
  8. Sure thing, but it hurts to see that yellow/orange sign.
  9. I always thought natural CM/DM players should have both positions interchangeable, 20/18, depending on specialization, but that shouldn't tamper with their performances. I am worried when I change formations at the start of a new season, only to discover my next-Gerrard-regen, who is natural CM, is barely green on DM; I am guessing 20/16 then. Wondering if it hurts his game... although it does make me uncomfortable, that ugly green. But he is a born regista!
  10. This made me smile. In my last match, referee Lee Mason was not only badly positioned but also quite clumsy and denied my team a great counter-attacking chance. He stood in the way of my winger messed up his dribbling, thus allowing the opponents to regain possession. After the incident, mr. Mason's name was appearing in yellow color, getting a fictitious yellow card for the incident.
  11. My third season as Liverpool manager, always having problems with City, they stole the title last season... it was astonishing how they managed to destroy me, even at home, with the 4-2-3-1 Denmark. I always thought, due to this being FM and them having extremely better players on paper, I should be on the defensive. Well, after acquiring some firepower left and right, I figured the best way would be to fight fire with fire. So, my first game against them this season is at home, I am comfortably leading 2:0 at half time. They have 0 chances, I am pressing them high up the pitch, which requires "attacking" mentality, which would be my nightmare couple of seasons ago. Also, "pass into space" works wonders against teams who tend to be aggressive.* Now, I am not sure what sort of players you have available, but I'd suggest working on putting the ball in space they tend to leave behind. *continued: 5:0 as we speak, against City side that brought players like Hamsik, Marchisio, Alex O-C to the adition of arguably the best ST in game, Aguero (scored over 50 last season). Slicing them up with through balls.
  12. What would be another way of making AML/AMR track back and close down in defending half of the pitch, beside giving them "mark specific player" on the opposition AML/AMR? They are afraid to cross the imaginary line into the land of easy-stolen-balls-if-only-I-had-a-pair. P.S. Unrelated, in my home game against Man. City, Daniel Sturridge was denied a great counter-attacking chance because he collided with ref. Lee Mason. After the incident, mr. Mason is yellow when I click on him, like if he's got a yellow card for that help.
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