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  1. This Steam-only distribution concept is as bad as it sounded back in 2012. It's supposed to avoid piracy, but you end up in a situation where the only way to get the game - for people ready to pay for it - is the hacked version. I think they should let people have it for free once it's not available for sale on steam, just like they did for CM01/02.
  2. I found this guide, it seems to explain how to transfer a key to another account... Or I got all wrong ? https://support.humblebundle.com/hc/en-us/articles/204008710-How-To-Redeem-Steam-Keys
  3. Thanks for your answers. Is it possible to buy a key from someone that had stopped playing long ago ? Like, second hand (redeemed key) ? Brand new ones cost around 50€, it's more expansive than this year's edition... If someone is willing to do so, we can agree a price and I'll pay by Paypal. Thanks
  4. I thought it had only been issued on Steam. If I buy the DVD, can I activate/download it from steam ? Sorry but I'm not used to steam at all.
  5. Hi, I like to play old games, the ones I used to play when I had plenty of time to waste. I know them by heart, which makes it easy to reach a good level of performance without spending too much time on the handling phase. Now I realize it's not on Steam anymore. I had FM2011, not 2012, so I still need to buy it. I googled it and found websites that sell cd-keys, but there's no guarantee to find a legit one. Plus the price is ridiculous. It's really sad for oldies lovers that games just disappear from the market not even 10 years after they were launched. For instance, there's s
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