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  1. Thanks for answering. First, my problem most likely was, that I tried to find those players from leagues two (or more) steps higher. I thought that players not fitting into the first eleven might want to PLAY! But not that much! Maybe I start scouting other countries too. Friendlies and reputation. Do you know, if they have coded these reputation change things well into the game? You play a frienly against a couple level higher team and manage to play well enough? If you can sign a well-known coach (or any staff) into your team? And so on. Of course, that kind of reputation will fade away pretty fast. Like news do. Friendlies and income. How does the budget system work? Board sets some wage, transfer and scouting limits. OK. If I can get more income from friendlies, how are those limits reconsidered? In any way? If budget is positive in the end, then the board will be positive? About that 'advice in signing'. I just thought, that SI could have implemented a good way to ask for advice in signing from players (or staff). Players have their past, they have played with a lot of other players, so question like: "Do you know any Playmakers, that could play in our first eleven and might want to come?" That is a fair question, and in fact, we give our scouts that kind of assignments all the time... And, it still doesn't mean anything for sure. Game is too easy. Agreed. Because we, players of FM, aren't managers in real life, we should mainly be on the losing side. It would be nice to see results, if, let's say, half of the players would be real FM players, and the rest AI players in one league. Also, analyzed results from a set of AI vs. AI games would be nice. BTW. Some time ago here was some discussion about an IRONMAN mode for FM. I voted for that. IRONMAN with difficulty setting 'REAL LIFE'! Yeah!
  2. This first one happens only when choosing the starting date of the first season to be in Spring of 2020. This one can happen if you have chosen a league where they play during the summer. That's fine to have as much leagues as we can, but... I tried this once, it was start of pre-season of Finnish league (March 2020 ???), and I'm pretty sure that I could have applied for an empty job in England,... where the (game's starting) dates are in the end of July. In fact, in March there should have been that previous season still going on... Question is - have these 'impossibilities' been blocked? My second question is about starting dates of contracts - and paying salaries. You all know that when you are the manager, you want to make contracts as soon as possible, when you find a good staff person or player. The earliest starting date when playing English (correction: Wales) leagues is in the end of June. I got a job from a team where the ONLY staff member was DoF. I started right away to scout good staff, and even got a chance to make a deal with a few. Question is - our team is pretty low budget, so should I wait until the start of July, just to avoid paying salary for a couple days of June? (There was no possibility to make the contract to start from beginning of July!) How 'coin by coin' (precisely) are salaries and bonuses calculated in FM? Like, can good scoring bonuses, in fact, cause our team to go bankrupt if we would play 'too good'? (Low appearance fees - good bonuses.) If I remember correctly, there wasn't any other contract starting date than 'immediately' - why?
  3. Background - playing English 7. level Lewes (reputation 1 star). (I'm using a mod). Just started this game. Number of players in squad was low. Salary levels - some part time contracts, some out of contracts. My problem here is, that players I'm scouting for and then asking to join our team just won't even discuss with me - 'Level of your team...' Even if they are out of job! Scouting every 'might be a good one' player would take too much time! How could I even get them to come on a trial? I wouldn't like to make a contract without decent info! Question one. Now, in early pre-season, I lured Scottish Prem. team Aberdeen (reputation 3 stars) to have a friendly with us. We were pretty helpless, but lost ONLY 0-1. Will these kind of news (decent game) get players I "need" to get interested in our team? And if yes, then... will they contact me, will they agree coming to a trial, someting else? Question two. Are there any possible, or even a good way to get "needed" players to get interested in our team? To get that player to be scouted... Do staff members have any "old relations" they could recommend? Is there any way to get good suggestions from our scouts? Before giving them any assignments. I haven't found a way... Question three. Asking my players for advice in signing - does it work? Like: whether my M/AM R 'Winger' knows any good M/AM C 'Playmaker' who could be available? BTW: with "needed" I mean player fitting into first eleven (or better ;-)
  4. I vote for this. Also, in every game, there should be a reminder of substitution rules.
  5. I do agree. What happened to you, that isn't acceptable. In the best case those competitions, the team takes part in, would be weighted. If the Cup isn't that important, then losing in there would have a bit less effect. All the friendlies would be another story, but still effect should be weighted. When testing a lot of new players, then winning/losing isn't that important. (Only little positive for managers doing their jobs well.) When getting playing time for the youth players, players/fans would understand. For the future. When playing against a better team, losing is more understandable, and vice versa. But, like, when the FIRST ELEVEN is playing against one level lower team and the main issue is scoring, and the game would end 0-0 - then players (and fans) would be confused and a little bit down. Another (negative) example could be when trying a new defensive formation, and still concede 2-3-4 goals. So, if a friendly has no meaning, then almost zero effect on mood. If there is something important to be tested, then winning/losing would have effect. More important, more effect. So, Terrance The T-Rex, how would you calculate those weights (of importance)? We know the number of try-outs, youth players, how many games each player has played in the team (this season),... How could we tell the game, that in this friendly our main goal is to get as much scoring opportunities as we can. Or that we are playing only for money. Or whatever.
  6. If you say, that "But I think it would be a nice addition.", then I say 'no'. But, you should reconsider what this comment would do to this player - pros and cons. Like, if the player is young and eager (and unexperienced), promising this (playing time) would enhance his motivation. He would do all training like a pro, at least for a while. Like you said. But what would be the downside? In these few training slots before the game he could train with too much intensity and become fatigued? Anyway, I think, that all these possible conversations are good for the game. When talking to a player or staff, giving a promise, when negotiating a contract with a player or staff, applaying for a job, negotiating with the board,... And, of course, when managing in a game. Now these conversations are too simple (not enough possibilities), you can't explain why something should be done and therefore good suggestions are welcome. Only thing is, that all what you say should have positive and negative possible effects. I could vote for this idea, but what do you think, what are those possible effects?
  7. First, I have to ask one little question. (Because I am a manager in lower league team, so my players just can't follow all the orders I give them. I don't know the answer!) Q: I have loaded Set pieces scenarios when I started my career. Is this info about 'selected scenarios' saved into the save file - when I start a new game session, will those scenarios be loaded into the game automatically from the hard drive? At least, they should be! My idea is, that all 'managers' could gather as many different 'Set pieces scenarios' into their hard drives as they want. Of course. When starting a new career, 'managers' would choose a collection of scenarios they would want to use in this game. (Those would be linked into this game save for automatic loading.) (Yes, this list of used scenarios should be able to be changed...) In game itself, all these chosen scenarios could be used if wanted. When playing this career, depending on the team you are the manager, you could choose those scenarios, which ones you will use with this team this year. Next year you might have another kind of players, and so a new set of scenarios. Or, you might just go to a new team. And, you could also change used scenarios during the season, Only thing is, that it takes time to learn! But, if something doesn't work, then... How to choose scenarios to use, or the scenarios page structure? My suggestion is, that all scenarios linked to this game save are shown in scenarios page. Just like we choose our 'Set Pieces Takers', too. There are different categories, aso. Pop-up pictures would help choosing. The only thing to decide is, how many and what kind of different scenarios your players can be taught... Too many could cause confusing on the pitch! (I don't know if this is coded into the game...) BTW, THIS WON'T HELP AT ALL IF BUILDING 'SET PIECES' SCENARIOS ISN'T CHANGED!
  8. angmodurian, you are just right. IF the team is BIG ENOUGH! In my example I used Danish 2. division. I checked this out. That league is semi-pro. One team there in the beginning season is Hillerød. Wiki says there's about 30 000 citizens, and it's located about 35km or 20 miles away from Copenhagen (800 000 citizens). What do you think, would this team be able to win anything big? Danish Cup? Be able to get big sponsors? I think that the location beside the capitol city (or any much bigger city) makes this team, and all alike, ONLY LOCAL teams. And, those teams know it. This is only speculation, and I don't need this to be implemented into the game. But, if ever the reputation system would be tweaked, then this could be taken into account... (Maybe is already!) I don't remember, if I ever got any player to move from one country to another without paying any salary, but moving in your own country still costs money. If not getting any salary, and if those jobs (for footballers) are hard to find, I would think twice before signing such a (non-)contract. And, there are also full grown men moving (family?), not just young ones. Of course, for youth players and even young adults it's totally different. But if an academy wants a youth player, it has the money to do that. And you're right, every player must think his own best. And that might need moving. This 'discussion' is to get opinions, whether this 'to get non-contract players' to move' is TOO easy. Should it's possibility be tweaked a little bit lower? (And maybe hear how things are in real life...) But, no, I'm fine with these 'rules'. Norway is a pretty rich country, so... This is just like previous one - every man has to think only his own best. Maybe, if thinking to make career as someone who knows Scandinavian players, that could be a good choice. Maybe offered a position as the manager - not as a coach. I have been playing only as me in real life. Once in Steam someone asked a real challenge for him, and I invented a role - I could play that role myself.
  9. Thanks, angmodurian, for answering. Of course, countries are so different. In England - a lot of people, people living in cities (shorter distances), a lot of football fans, good level football. At least VNL (5. level) matches are covered (at least) in Live Stream. (Don't know if all, but...) But, if we look at smaller countries, like Denmark, would sponsors get (relatively) the same coverage? Are Danish 2. level teams LOCAL teams? I'm guessing, that BIG MONEY goes to main league and first division teams. Should this be considered in the game itself? Maybe not. There is already this league reputation system. That's enough for me. Another thing, that has made me wonder, is whether players' wages are enough to cover normal costs of living. Or, do players also have another jobs? And if so, then how is it possible, that many players are ready to move inside thier own country so "easily"? I'm managing now in England, and no English player has said "No", because of long distance (must move). And these have been 'Non-Contracts'... I checked. In game, lower ranked VNL South team's players' average wage is less than 1000 Euros. Is that enough (comparing to costs of living)? Is that (near) reality? Anybody knows?
  10. I have already opened a topic for this issue. It was locked, but if you are interested, it can be found here My main points were - free players setup to the tactics screen (not locked possible positions) - able to paint movement arrows and target area for ball to be played into (could be implemented using "beacons", which would show target point - mark beacon, choose player, choose option 'run to beacon X' something like that) - if beacons would be used, then these would also be considered as beacons (of course): posts, corner flags,... - using numbers to show 'most desirable' list Here is one picture I made to show what I mean. Here is a throw-in situation. "Decoy", most desirable option, number 1, starts running towards area (or beacon) 1. If left alone, then he gets the ball, but player 1 will most likely be followed by a defence player... Real idea would be to "make enough free room" for player 2. Player 2, our "strategic" option, runs towards area 2, and ball could be thrown towards area 2. If not followed, then player 2 would be able to cross. Player 3 would be the "normal" option, and player 4 our backup. OK, you don't have to comment that 'set pieces' situation (just an example, made with Paint), but DO COMMENT my idea. REMEMBER, that the better we can explain our ideas, the better SI will be interested in them! With this idea I try to give more possibilities for us, players, to use. So, that we could use even some "weird" tactics. That issue with using help from AI. I think, that we have to accept that. Like, if we have ordered our left Midfielder to take a corner kick, but he has already been sent-off!?! But, of course, less automatic AI, the better! Could the solution be, that players aren't considered as 'player named X' or ' left center defence' (DCL), but with 'players with best headers'??? So, the skill we are looking for, would be the key issue! Like, when having a corner we would look for Headers, but with a indirect free kicks it would be our best Free Kick Takers / First Touch Finishers GETTING THAT LITTLE PASS. Anyone could give that little first pass! When doing that set-up game would provide the list of best players (in that skill). Maybe also other useful info. Maybe, the other possible way to solve this would be deciding these things one-situation-by-one in 'real-time'. A bit like game (even now) asks us, who to use in Penalties. You know, us, Managers, shouting orders there by the pitch. And, with 'tick-boxes' (or?) we could set the number of defence players that stay as backups (for AI to make that sure). With a 'tick-box' we could also order our Goalkeeper to take part. Only then we would be able to position him. Comments?
  11. mikelfc8, this is your topic. Do you think, that this could be considered as "A full fledged idea you feel is ready for consideration."? Then you, as author, should change the name of this topic to begin with the word '[Suggestion]'. Guys from SI will read this then more likely.
  12. To get that kind of 'tactics testing ground' or a separate program, where you could see how different tactics work...hmm... no, I don't think so. That's just my guess. But, if the game engine (or, whatever) could be with only a little bit of work altered into this program, then - why not! Into FM game. What if you could "order" a friendly game with your reserve and/or youth teams with a tick in the box 'Tactics test'? Even now you can ask your other teams into a friendly... Then that extended playing time would be divided into those testing areas as you, the manager, want. There could be, as you said, different areas to test, like - attackers vs. defenders, like 8 vs. 8 - position based: wingers, strikers,... - defence line with the use or not of offside trap - midfielders in attack and defence roles and duties - set pieces - ...a new player being tested in your team? - there might (and should) be a limit of things to test, maybe half hour per test section, so 4-5 max. in one day? Or limit set by the number of your coaches. In the end of that session you would get report from your coaches. BTW, I have noticed, that the better you can explain your idea in words, the better you get SI to get interested in. Yeah, and I voted for your idea.
  13. mikelfc8, you should tell more about your idea. What kind of feedback would you like to get? Let's say that this kind of a 'tactics test game' would be ONLY among the players in your team - but maybe with reserves and youths. There would be parts of both attack and defence. Coaches are all making notes, which are then presented to you. Because there just are too many different formations aso., that there just are just too many different things to test. BUT, you could get (maybe) verbal feedback on every player, or how he could manage in his playing. Or info on chosen tactic. Like, - Winger XXX is a bit too slow for this level. He'll get tackled. He should use more early crossings. (not enough pace, advice on personal tactics) or - DM XXX reads game very well, knows how to tackle and just keeps going. Great DM! (really good positioning, tackling, stamina) And, what comes to that tactic itself, this - Our AML and AMR are too far from defenders. Those long passes get mostly intercepted. Not working like this. (advice on chosen tactic) So, the manager would get info and advice considering players, their roles and chosen tactic. And, because everything should have 'pros and cons', this kind of a test would take two or three training slots, and the next day would have to be free. Would you like to see something like this, or more numbers, percentages,...?
  14. Voted for this. At least there could be an option, where you could choose whether to see all these steps or not. Another, bigger move would be, that you could in options deside, what parts of info you want to see in one page (like Player's Profile page). Now this is done using Skins, but some choices could be included by allowing players (us), to choose which info to show in which section or window like when customising Views. The basic structure of a window or page would still be the same. Should reduce hopping between pages... In different years SI have used different graphs for some info. SI could add alternative graphs, too. (Yes, from options...)
  15. Daveincid, they would consider it as an issue to be solved (or a "problem"), if it might bring them more buying customers. Or, it might not. So, they have to find out. Did you know, that even now there is a discussion (raised by DEVs?) called "Which of these leagues if added to the next version of FM, would make you more likely to make a purchase?" in 'Feature Requests' page? I would recommend adding more lower leagues. And I have done that. Thanks for your advice.
  16. Daveincid, as you wrote: "1. Because the game isn't designed to replicate such low levels. " This is pretty much why I started this discussion. Because mods are allowed and there are lower leagues mods, so let's hope that there would be as few difficulties to use them as possible. And, hey, I'm doing alright! I still got one physio... Lower leagues. I do agree, that many players just want to be THE MANAGER in one of the biggest teams, and win the Champ. League, or something like that. But, just a guess, there are also players that want to start from the 'bottom'. That can be done using mods. So, what if the word MOD is something 'never heard' for those players? Are mods even possible in every platform FM can be played? But, that problem is for SI to solve. Working voluntarily. I tried to ask, whether it is 'easy' or 'common' to get someone to work in your team voluntarily in Football Manager 2021. Do you know?
  17. Thanks, Daveincid, for answering. OK, that '20 reputation levels' sounds good. And that physio example. I do understand, that the board wants to have some limits, but still... there is on the staff page, that they wouldn't mind head physio + one regular physio. And I have the money! And, the board doesn't want to listen my reasons AT ALL! BTW, how easy is it to get someone to work voluntarily? That thing with lower leagues. I didn't mean that there should be all the lower leagues to the lowest one. England is OK now. I meant that more countries could have at least premium + 2-3 lower leagues. The rest could be left for the modders. And, you can choose from the options how large database and what leagues you are using in your game... For instance, you could just choose all leagues in your own country, and try to be the best manager there. And, thanks to all modders we do have those lower leagues!
  18. I wrote that original text, but I put it in Requests. My main issue here are the "set of rules" in the game. And, in fact, more so if the same "set of rules" work for all team levels. And work well... (And with "set of rules" I mean that programming code that calculates all desicions, wage demands, board given limits, aso.) So, question: are English Premium League team (1. level) and VNL South/North team (6, level) so similar, that they could be handled by the same way? Or, with the same set of rules? Or, the other way round, and more deeply. I try to explain this "problem" with my current game (English 10. level team Wick, stadium for 2000, total wage budget 7000). I got from the board my wage budget to be used. Now I try to find another physio. I'm going through that list of physios, now physio skill is 5-6, but STILL they ask for 250-300 per month (part-time). Only thing is, that board allows ONLY under 200 wages for physios!!! And board won't raise that! And I have wage money left enough! OK! I play with mods. But, still, the main question is, if "set of rules" should be implemented 'level by level'. And my opinion is, that FM should have more these lower leagues in several countries. The lower, the better!
  19. I like this idea. Ironman mode is been used in some games, so it couldn't be that hard to implement. Most of the ongoing stuff has to be saved even now. Could it be that only the stuff from News feed (with time stamps) would be extra to be saved? Like, if we read from the News that a player (we want) has made a contract with another team, that piece of News with a time stamp would already be saved! Before that hits the screen. No chance to make a time leap! I vote for this.
  20. First, I am a manager in a English 10. level team (using mods). This might have something to do with this 'problem'. Don't know... It's the beginning of summer, 1. of June. We just got promoted, the last game was on 29. of May. Transfer window will open on 9. of June, and pre-season starts on 21. of June. I'm continuing as the manager, and therefore I could start finding the best players I could afford. Board already gave me the new wage budget. Problem is the scouting budget! There is more, NEW money to be used, but... I have 35,5K total scouting budget. My scouting options (still) are 10. level (County Leagues Divisions) for 35,5K (3K/mo). 9. level (County Leagues Premium) for 107K (9K/mo), and whole England for 178K (14,75K/mo). So, if I start scouting players in league my team was promoted into right away, I would have to pay 9K per month, so it means that I'm broke in September! And, because I try to find unhappy (aso.) players from upper leagues (than my own), I would be broke even sooner. QUESTION Will my scouting expenses suddenly drop (one level) when new season begins? If, then why? It would be quite illogical... Or, is it so, that the board just gives me BIGGER area to scout from (with the same amount of money)? If this is the case, then... why doesn't this happen right after the promotion is clear??? BTW, this one I tested. With that basic budget (3K/mo) I can find a few of players in that upper league my team was promoted into (9. level), but all players there only with 9K/mo. Comments, please. We should be able to scout one league level higher than we are quite cheaply, and year-around. (In top league levels these costs don't matter at all, I guess?) ** ** ** ** ** ** I kept on playing. Started to seach for a new Assistant Manager. Now, before Pre-season I can negotiate with a candidate using bonuses considering LAST YEAR only! ** ** ** ** ** ** This is about the same issue, but from the other direction. Comment, because I don't know the answer to this question. And, do players with agents handle these things differently (more professionalism)? Let's say, that my team is pretty sure to be promoted this season. I'm trying to find better players to strenghten my team for the next year. When will these scouted players start to ask bigger salaries, aso.? Or, when will they consider my team as PROMOTED one? And the same way, when will they realise, if my team is being relegated, that asking too big salaries is worthless? (Or, they would just say "I'm too expensive for you.")
  21. Simple question, has "natural limitations" like amount of people in the area or possible sponsor sizes been implemented in the game? So, could the board construct a stadium with 200 000 seats into a town with 50 000 citizens, and get it 'sold-out'? Could I get a sponsor to give me a million, if normal sponsors in our town could give max 20-50 000? Why these questions? I like starting in a small town team. I have wondered, if I could get promoted on and on. Would the board just agree with building new facilities aso.? (Not every year, but...team gets more money, and...) Could the board say "NO!" when there is a chance to get promoted? Could they just say "We have reached our limitations."?
  22. I had this kind of situation with my Assistant Manger. Started to play (with a mod) manager in a English lower league team. Very limited resources. And, because starting a new game, I knew none of those local players or staff members. So, I chose the first guy that accepted to be my Assistant Manager. He's not that good. Now, first year has almost passed. Team got promoted. I will need a better Assistant Manager! My old one has got a few job offers, but he has said NO. I would have given him a hint, that... but I can't. SUGGESTION Could there be an option to say "Accept that job offer.", and also a hint "It's possible, that your job will end. You might start looking for a new one." to someone in my staff. Why not to a player, also. SUGGESTION Also, you could add an option where you could use kind of leverage, saying something like "But, for the team's sake!" (when sacking a PLAYER or STAFF MEMBER, which doesn't want to leave)
  23. Thanks, Abdullah Patel , for answering. But, first, I have to mock you a little bit. If you read my request carefully, you would have found, that my players are non-contract. Their values are all 0 Euros. Or, in fact, I do have three players worth something, but they are all youth players (best one 350E), and I really wouldn't like to sell them away! And that idea using Game Editor sounds like cheating to me! But, let's get serious here. I see, that the main problem here is that FM concentrates too much on top leagues. Many of us, players, want to be a manager in a top team like Liverpool or Barcelona... Then there are players like me starting from the bottom. (And, yes, I know that in England you can choose a 6. level league team.) When FM game starts, you first create yourself a character. And you can choose there out of 5-6 different levels of 1.) player level, you used to be at, and 2.) manager/coach level you are now. If you choose bottom levels in those, like I did, you would never get a job in any of the top leagues' teams. (In real life.)(OK, just guessing!) But, in top level leagues, if players' values are hundreds of thousands, millions or even more, then Community Outreach with selling a few shirts and stuff isn't that much!!! On the other hand, I checked one team in English 6. (base game's lowest playable) level. There the max wage was less than 2000E per month, and max value under 20 000E. In those numbers one local sponsor could pay one better player's wage. And. like I requested, in those Community Outreach happenings you could be able to find such sponsors! In my newest game the total wage budget (in English 10. level league team) is about 5000E per month. There any sum of money would make a difference! But, like now, from one friendly game you could profit even about 1000E - going to the owner. Why...??? So, the main question is, if I can start my game as a novice manager and choose a lower league team, shouldn't the rest of the game also be designed that way in every aspect? BTW, in these pages you ask which leagues should be added so that the game would interest more players. As I see this, this game should go deeper into the lower leagues! Adjust game rules so, that managing also lower leagues' teams will be more challenging. Like I wrote earlier, if the team does more community work to get sponsors, it takes time out of training. Playing friendlies take time also, but would give a little bit more money. Aso. PS. Players, feel free to comment, especially this idea of having lower leagues more deeply. Thanks.
  24. saintrainhard, that is true. And that I have been using. But, my own team can restrict the maximum number of those try-outs (or, max team size with try-outs counted). And, I had a few players, which were also staff members, and my team size was quite big. I could take only a few try-outs at once. Also, (I think, not sure) if a player gets any salary, then his team can say "No way!" to that try-out offer. Then scouting is the only way. And those usually are those better players I am interested in. But, that text line in pop-up window. Do you consider that line informative? BTW, I made this request to save a few mouse clicks.
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