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  1. No some reason it’s not downloading for me. Will just use the PIs of the setup I’ve got , for similar style used your player roles and possession gone up from 63 to 69 on average so seems good to me lol
  2. Looks a good tactic similar to what I’ve been trying to achieve but seems you are having more success, are there any individual player instructions or just the game set ones as I can’t for some reason upload the tactic to import it myself
  3. Thanks using Holy Ghost firre 4222 and with Fulham in second season current 4th in February 👌👌
  4. Hi guys I’ve got 2 very good dmcs any tactics that incorporate this 4231 with dms maybe? Don’t really want strikerless as got good striker too
  5. I’m doing well in league just won the league in first season but that was with a downloaded formation as was my first season playing the game so just wanted to try and see what others where doing before trying my own stuff, this season played 10 games and top of league with my formation but as you say being Liverpool does rather help things. made a few changes and first game beat spurs 5 2 and did seem to create more chances especially for striker, will keep tweaking along the way
  6. Thank you your advice has been very helpful and insightful
  7. Once again thanks for the advice would change team mentality to balanced ? And maybe sacrifice mane or salah (thinking mane most) and change them to a winger to stay out wide and create more space or even put one or both on support roll
  8. So based on what you guys have said do you think this setup would be better in terms of over all team play? Again sorry for all the questions but not played since 2015 so struggling with the new tactical positions etc I’m trying to avoid putting fullbacks into attack made as read somewhere shouldn’t have both widemen on attack to went with support
  9. Thank you for the input in terms of helping recycle the ball I guess changing the mezz to a advanced playmaker on support? Would help that. In terms of protecting the defence I thought the half back would do that should I change that to an anchor man? And I guess changing one of the widemen to a winger from inside forward to help create more width? sorry for all the questions but not played fm since 15 so trying to get used to what the me and positions do
  10. Hi thanks for your input what would you suggest doing on the left to improve it? I put the left wingback on defend to help out as I had the midfielder and winger both on attack would changing the midfield to support roll be an idea or does the rolls need changing completely? I’ve been considering putting the the cml into a playmaker with support?
  11. Hi guys can any of you tactical geniuses suggest anything. I’m playing ok but not creating many good chances, most of my goals coming from set plays or long shots and just not creating many good chances ending most games with XG of either under 1 or slightly over
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