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  1. You can set it up from the opening post, it has 3 team instructions and only two of the positions have PIs.
  2. Hey Ozil, great work again. Just wondering about PPMs in this and what you look to train players to do. I'd guess there would be liberal use of 'Plays short simple passes' for the defenders and 'Plays one-twos' for most of the others, but are there any others you like to go for in terms of movement etc.?
  3. @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! Having read through all of your other threads and seen how you have 'evolved' and made slight changes to how you create your preferred style, albeit whilst recreating different real life tactics, is there anything you would change to this one if you were to make it now?
  4. Hey, good work on this. I always love people trying to recreate Pep's Barca, and it's starting to come together nicely with my Newcastle save (FM16). I've been trying to come up with a general list of PPMs to train that would make the most of the system and get the younger players playing like the team they will be replacing. Ozil, could you check this and see if there are any you would add or remove? SK - Plays short simple passes (this can't be done on FM16 but I think I've seen it on 17?) BPD - Plays short simple passes HB - Plays short simple passes, stays back at all times WB - Gets forward whenever possible, Runs with ball down right/left, Hugs line DLP - Comes deep to get ball, Plays one-twos, Dictates tempo AP - Trys killer balls often, Plays one-twos, Dictates tempo IF - Cuts inside, Gets into opposition area, Runs with ball often SS - Comes deep to get ball, Trys killer balls often, Runs with ball often
  5. If you want to try and train a player to be a goal scoring midfielder, given a CM(a) role, what schedule would be best to use that doesn't also try and improve unnecessary defensive or creative attributes?
  6. I'd say HB and that's what I'm using at the minute. Any would probably work though, Busquets is brilliant.
  7. Hmm, not sure why it is then. Does he have any other PPMs that might conflict with it?
  8. I've noticed this before with PPMs, and some seem to be linked to position. Try retraining them as an AM for a little bit and they might be able to learn it then.
  9. Yeah, had the same thoughts about the Raumdeuter role not being suitable after seeing that given he sits narrow. It's a shame, because I thought at first it would fit better than an IF who I tend to see as more of an inverted winger than a goal scorer like Villa.
  10. Just thought I'd share this. Obviously more relevant to Pep's Barca than Enrique's, but still interesting. According to Thierry, they seemed to play very rigid and then change to fluid in the final third. I'm assuming it couldn't be done, but any ideas on how you could possibly do that on FM?
  11. I haven't been playing FMC very long but I'm really starting to prefer it over the normal mode. There is an annoying little issue I've found with training though. I have all my players set so that I control their individual training, however if I play them a couple of times in a different position, they automatically start learning this as a new position. I don't want this to happen as it takes up their training time, especially if I'm just bringing them on into the position as a sub for 20 minutes here and there. Is this a bug or something, or if it's supposed to happen is there a way to stop it?
  12. If you wanted to try and replicate the PPM 'Comes deep to get ball' with a PI would it be better to use 'Hold position' or 'Roams from position'?
  13. Just as a quick thought experiment, how viable is it to have a tactic that has basically no instructions and just left pretty generic? For example; Flexible Standard GK-D FB-S CD-D CD-D FB-S WM-A CM-D CM-S WM-A DLF-S AF-A No Team or Player Instructions.
  14. Thanks for putting this all together in one post so I don't have to keep reading through the whole thread. I've still been pretty much using the setup I posted in #187, however the newer roles seem to be working a lot better in the latest version. I've also tried changing the philosophy to Very Fluid to see what effect that has as it makes sense for the Barca approach of everyone contributing the team ethos of keeping possession, but I'm not sure about it. I've been thinking about trying to include the use of PIs as well to reflect the PPMs that the Barca players have when using the tactic for my Newcastle team, but I want to try and get settled on using the correct roles first.
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