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  1. Hello again! Now my tactic looks like: AF AMa Ws BWMd BBM WMs FBs CDd CDd FBs SKde TI: Balanced, slightly more direct passing, regroup, distribute to CBs and FBs, lower LOE, get stuck in, More Urgent, Tighter Marking I have a good defence, but at the same time I`m scoring not enough goals - shots on target, xG is below average. Pls, advice me what to change to improve my attacking game! p.s. I understand that counter-attacking tactics does not mean many goals, but nevertheless I believe that I sho
  2. Thanks a lot! Maybe you can give advice on how to set up 4411 counter? How would u use AM - role and duties?
  3. Hi guys. I play for Kaiserslautern and got promoted to 1.Bundesliga. This`s my 442 tactic, that i used in last season: AFa DLFa IWsu BWMd CMsu WMsu WBsu CDd CDd FBsu SKsu TI: Positive, PoD, Counter, Regroup, Lower LoE, More Urgent, Get stuck in, Tighter Marking Sc
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