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  1. <!-- Profile attribute colours --> <colour name="low attribute" value="rgb(255,254,239)"/> <colour name="normal attribute" value="rgb(255,255,0)"/> <colour name="good attribute" value="rgb(0,143,57)" /> <colour name="excellent attribute" value="rgb(0,51,153)" /> <colour name="unknown attribute background" value="rgb(32,33,35)"/> <colour name="low attribute background"
  2. @Tyburn Hi again, I try to modify the colour of the attributes boxes value into te skin setting (preferences-skin colours) but the colours still the same as default: grey, yellow, white and green. How to fix it and adapt the colours at the background options?
  3. @TyburnI don't know why but I'm using the skin but I see the non-player attributes with numbers and the player attributes like how should be, I clean cache, reload the skin, but doesn't work..
  4. Hello Everyone, I tried to customize my squad view but I can't get why the coloum of "age" doesn't show into the view, it disappear such as I didn't put into the .xml file, someone could help me on how to fix it? Thanks, I'll let here the file team squad.xml
  5. can you could help with this problem? I tried to modify this best XI panel but I lost the faces into the tactics into the news panels, can you tell me what is the name of the xml file that controls both panels and how to fix it? @keysi Thanks a lot!
  6. @lembergman I fixed this problem on the best XI but now I can't fix the formation into the news panel, can you please tell me how to fix it or the name of the fine .xml that controls that?
  7. Hello Everyone, I've got a little problem with the kits of several teams, the 2d kits not showing completely or just one/two and not the last one, also if I have the right id into the config file, I shared the same files to others players and in their games shows completely, it's an FM fault? a Skin problem? Because it don't shows with every skin, the 3d shows without problems during the game. I also cleared cache.
  8. Hi, I have the same problem, could you share the file so I can add to mine folder? Thanks
  9. But I tought that there's something incorrect into the config xml, no?
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