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  1. Hi, I have the same problem, could you share the file so I can add to mine folder? Thanks
  2. But I tought that there's something incorrect into the config xml, no?
  3. @bluestillidie00could you help me?
  4. After looking tactics match team stats full bottom.xml match players bar widget.xml
  5. Hello Everyone, I added again the CON/SHP like FM20 but into the bottom formation, the % doesn't move in real time but just clicking into the tactics panel or at the end of the first half, any way to solve it?
  6. Which section into the settings xml file controls the font of this questions tab? I wanna make it darker thanks! @wkdsoul
  7. I did it but I want to add the city name as text and the pic that don't show, can you help me? @wkdsoul club overview details andro.xml club overview panel.xml
  8. I need to put the city pic into the space that I highlighted into with the arrow on club overview not the stadium
  9. Hello everyone, I'm new with skinning, I would like to add the city pic panel into the portion of space indicated with the arrow, can you help me and tell which is the right xml file? Thanks @lembergman Can you tell me the name of the file with the city pic container in your skin so I can move on the right like the first screenshot?
  10. I'm using the base skin of michael and the relative mod for match panels and I don't know if I have the "IBH" but I have the "person properties" with the coding PRCF, how to get an IBH xml file?
  11. Hi, I wanna try but how can I see if I have IBH panels in the skin I'm using and the "person properties"? Thanks
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