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  1. How would you set it up? I'm thinking to use a cautious mentality with tenacious pressing (TI: much shorter, POD, low crosses, dribble less, overlap left&right and focus down the left, Counter press and hold shape). (PI: CB stay wider, Wingers to stay wider, SS roam from position). IW (A) SS/AP(A)? IF(S) Mez (A) RPM/DLP WB/IWB(S) HB CWB(A) BPD CB SK(D)
  2. This is how i setup: F9 IW(s) TA IW(s) Mez(s) B2B(s) A/Hb IWB(D) BPD(C) IWB(D) SK(A) (Roll out specific to BPD) - i see less of the ball getting booted out 3-4-3 Cruyff Total Football.fmf
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