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  1. ...... that FM Live is never going to return. Would have been an excellent step to try bring back the customers they have alianted these last few versions of fm..
  2. Reading what must be the fifth incarnation of this topic in a year...
  3. You are Rob Brydon and I claim my signed Tom Jones CD!
  4. This is a weird one initially, but after thoroughly undergoing the plethora of possibilities and details while taking into consideration both teams potential, projected turnover and goalline technology, it is clear to me that it's..... your tactics!
  5. The scandi version of cm2 must be my all time favourite. Too bad I lost the cd and there is no chance to track down another one. Cm97/98 was great too btw
  6. Paul Dillon was always a monster for me, too bad he dissapeared from the games by 01/02 though
  7. We do have a 17 mill clause on carroll though.... no matter what some loser on here claims.
  8. Yeah WizbaII, can't really understand how they have come to this conclusion, and even though it's just a minor flaw, it's still annoying as I premarily bought the game this early for an updated squad valuation of teams around the globe. Because the game is bound to be patched up soon anyway (like it does every year) so won't start a proper savegame until they've fixed the first glaring bugs.
  9. Just bought the game and stuck it in there, and while I'm not even playing as Barcelona, the first thing I notice is Christian Tello has 12 (!!!) in pace! Same goes for Pedro... Honestly, that is truly ridiculous as Tello has a rapid tempo in him. I will bet any of you that Tello would beat Messi on a 40-60 meter run....and Messi has 16! Tello is probably on of the fastest players out there these days, and is rated 12 in pace... just wow.
  10. I would really like a pm with the answer to this one. Please please PLEASE??
  11. Nice one , cheers looks like you really need the all nighter then ;-)
  12. Never heard of Leeds City.... Is it a low tier club? Heard of Leeds United though.....
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