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  1. Just wanted to let you know that I too am still around and looking for a solution. My friend is currently burning around three managers a season. It hurts his reputation and his progress, because he can't build up a record. It's really annoying. We are trying to power through, but please, SI, I beg you. Please priorotise it. The number of users having this issue grows steadily. My save has mostly been altered by the in-game editor and the pre-game editor, as well as a few league pyramids and badges. It's the same save I uploaded before, and nothing has been altered in a different way since, so there's no point in uploading this save again. Just, please, really put a focus on this issue lads!
  2. I have another update: My friend uninstalled FM and installed it again. We then tested it just now and he can read his messages again. We have no idea if this is a permanent fix or a temporary one, but for now it works. I would still ask you to look into it please. See if the bug appears for you too if it you let the simulation continue. If this fix doesn't prove to be temporary, we will still have the same problem. But I wanted to let you know that if the guest player uninstalls and re-installs the game, that's at the very least a temporary fix for the issue.
  3. So I subscribed to a few mods from the Steam workshop. If you do that, the mod is automatically installed the next time you start the game. To uninstall, I unsubscribed. That worked.
  4. No worries! Thanks for going through this with us! We continued for another half year, I think. Right now we are at 27th December 2023, and the issue is back. That is the same save I uploaded here, we just carried on once the bug seemed to have disappeared.
  5. Have you moved on with the simulation? You suggested that removing all mods might fix the problem. I uninstalled everything and it actually worked. Temporarily. It seems to me that many fixes are temporary. Could you load the save again and somehow advance for a few months? To see if it appears for you guys at SI too? I believe that might be the case. Try loading the save and advancing or "playing on". See if in half a season or a year the problems occurs for you as well. I think that might be the case.
  6. Oh, we found that as well. My friend retired, then added a new manager and I moved him back to his club. That fixed it temporarily. But I can read both my and his messages. So can the SI people, they said here. So we considered that coming in with an entirely new steam account might solve the issue, you know? To see if a new profile taking over his manager would be able to see it.
  7. Hey! The save I uploaded definitely had that issue. I know that, because at the time I uploaded it, my friend couldn't read the messages. I could read mine. You then suggested that I uninstall any mods. I did that and lo and behold, he was able to see his messages again. All was well until today, when the issue reappeared. so the save I uploaded is definitely one with that issue! Only now did we check back here. And what you wrote is kinda big. We had the same idea. My friend gave up control over his manager and I took it. I was able to read his messages. Then we tried turning it around, in order to see if he could read my messages. He took control over Osnabrück, and had the same issue. He couldn't see any new messages. Could it be that the problem is with the guest account and not with the save? Thanks, Vincent
  8. No, I haven't. Can I safely remove the mods and still load the files? I'm actually worried about damaging the save by removing active content! Would that be save? If so, I'll happily give it a try.
  9. Hi! I too ran into this issue with my friend. We too figured out that retiring and re-adding to the same club is a fix, but that is only temporary. We have now encountered this problem for the third time within a season and a half. Is it alright if I upload the file as well, so you can have a look at it? Also, please know that we are using a few mods. specifically, we one added player throough the pre-game editor and an extension of the German and English league system. Just as a disclaimer. If you give me the go ahead, I'll upload the save to you. Edit: I uploaded it now anyway. The name of the save is "Vincent Schobert - Osnabrück". Please let me know if that is okay!
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