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  1. Hey guys! I would like to change subs in national competitions like UEFA Euro champs, Nations league, FIFA World Cup (and qualifers too) etc due to Covid situations! Default values are 3 from 7 (and extra one if we are speaking of knockout stages). I would like to change it from 3/7 to 5/12(+1 if needed)... Luckily i had the opportunity to found an existing away goal custom file for EU competitions (CL, EL, ECL) and I also tweaked there and done it BUT... But i dunno how to change national comps because i found them but i cannot change to advanced rules there. (greyed out) Somebody please help me! What should I do? Here it is, if I load default database and searching for example euro champs after I got this: ("Rules" section does not help me because I want to edit National team competitions?) Thanks!
  2. Playing with 47 playable leagues (top level playable, view-only below)! (I will reducing them from next season to 30ish, doing lot of processing time even with R5 3600) NEVER SAID to demand world class staff only! If you reading precisely you can read from me "random" all the time. And sorry for misunderstanding me but i would like much wider range with RANDOM class (from 1 to 5) newgen staff dudes...
  3. "this will be one of the major reason why the best coaches don't sign for Fehervar." Ok let's untick the "realistic appointments" option from 'include box... Ohh btw for fun fact: Only Xavier would join with us! Here we go! LET'S go find minimum 4,5 star COACH and forget Fehérvár and forget our "low repu"! This is a joke at all... And again playing with 200K+ DB... What if I would play below 100K... THAT'S why i'm hoping some mod for staffz...
  4. 2 CLs won (1 second place :P ) and one EL win of course here! We are leading Club coeff with 145K points and 3rd place on "star list"! Club repu is 9th currently! (Between Scottish prem. and Russian prem.). Nation club coeff is 6th place ATM (indicating 2 native CL spots and 1 for qualifer place). And to be honest if i STRICT to employing first (and maybe) second best formations staff dudez we would having 3-4 stars avarage at all only. HOYD situation is horrible! I have 2 newgen HOYDs with perfect Judge rates and they are not model citizens :P After all probably you are right.
  5. I'm in a deep save (around 2029) and playing with "Vidi" for challenge (Ferencváros is booring and not challenging for domestic level). And my current world rep for Videoton*** is 9458 (according to FMRTE) or something. (CL wins and stuff and I'm not reloader) So i hope for better and wider range staff mod or something. Of course would be awesome tool like FMRTE for injecting new staff members before new season starts. Random (range) of course... ***Chose Videoton coz i'm living in resort area for 3 years now near (15 km) "Székesfehérvár" (Beautiful too!) (Moved from Budapest :P ) Edit: Look at my main staff... Most of them only 4 stars and most of them are not having 4231 tactic formation (some of them 2nd best too)... Looking for only Model cit/perf/resolute/professionals or maybe model prof/driven for (Ass.)man, coaches, hoyd
  6. Daveincid! Just a question. Would you consider the option for better (number and variants of course) generating newgen staff members? I dunno how do you guys doin' and I have to admit i'm a little bit pedantic about finding staff coz "preferred tactic" and stuff BUT... (for Mans, Ass.Mans, HOYD, Coaches, PerfAs only) I'm struggling*** all the time sniping good new stuff for my squads. Not many less option to chose. I would like a mod or something that generating MUCH more staff members season after season or stuff like that. Tl;dr: Much more newgen staff mod with high range of variety. Any chance for dat in future? Thanks! Ps.: Yes... I'm using 200k+ DBs
  7. I was wondering... Having one more question if you don't mind. What would be first on priority list when i choose the RIGHT HOYD? Personality, formation, stars/attributes that matters? If i find 2,5 star MODEL CITIZEN HOYD with perfectly fits to my tactical formation is better than a 4 star perfectionist/resolute etc. one? I'm getting personality priorities from: Zealand's personality list
  8. Thank you! So, basically if you want to change anything you have to do the necessary steps BEFORE december? Right?
  9. Hey guys! New save, new team. Limited (wage) options. Got first youth intake preview @ december. Disclaimer: He was the best option considering budget/personality/formation magical trio. My picking method for HOYD: I'm choosing fairly professional personality instead of lower star/attrib professional (or better). (Advice me too if i'm doing it wrong please!) Question: If I find better (same star or better model citizen/model professional/professional) HOYD (until next year early March) can i get better final youth intake in March? Thanks!
  10. Illustrating my problem but i think you are understand my problem well...
  11. I always take care of: "not tinkering that" tl;dr: no, of course!
  12. Hey guys! And no... not shortlisted guys... Having zero of them... I have some badass dudez in my squad and top clubs are spamming with offers my inbox all the time via my usual DOF forwarded message. Tried to turn off transfer filter but after several new clicks the game avoiding my filter setting (resetting back automatically to ticked state again) and the spam is continuing whatever i want... Set transfer status REJECT all offers to my guys and please leave me alone don't spam my folder! Thanks! NO I DON'T want to sell you my precious guys! Any constructive idea? Thanks!
  13. Speaking of citizenship. I was wondering how you (or other editors) could implement "Hungarian residency bond" program. (Similar program existing in other countries like Malta i think) Is it doable or the engine does not allow that kind of "modding"? Here is my version: Fire up FMRTE, add player second nationality, reduce specific amount (read below) from my club balance, profit. BUT! It would be awesome to do it legal way. English document (3rd party company site, but it's legal) about that program. https://helpers.hu/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/Hungarian-Residency-Bond-Program_2017.pdf Sorry for off! 😊
  14. Won CL and thank god my board let it go too! Ok i'm releasing the price part... I hoped 7000+ Wrep would good enough to statisfy my board needs... lol
  15. LOL! That's silly method for expressing their gratitude! Gosh... I hope they are fixing these bugs in the future!
  16. Hey guys! We are in 26/27 season in the future. Built a very strong squad from a very small country. But the point is. WHY??? Why isn't enough that kind of a player like Pembélé? Signed him coz hez having ridiculously good cons/imp attribs. ( Currently: 20/18) and needed a badass BPD,DE player for my first squad. His currently reps are (checked via 3rd party stuff) Home: 8324, Current: 8317, World: 7279 Somebody plz explain to me! Maybe the engine ignoring until i pay the whole package to PSG? (Bought with instalments method, so i didn't payed the whole package with one transaction) Thank you guys! My picture is speaking for itself. behold:
  17. You completely misspelled the Hungarian part but we are appreciating the effort Would be correct: "Megyei Bajnokság I. osztály" (also miss author's name :P ) But for real... Remembered Weiry also misspelled some lower league names @ latest release . I promise next time gonna check it!
  18. Hey! "Daveincid's other improvements v2.0 " Could you explain this? What specific improvements do you mean? Thanks!
  19. For Hungarian pyramid! Forgot to mention earlier: Hungarian cup system has changed and we are playing ONLY 1 game INSTEAD of 2*. * Thanks to COVID! Rules are: Lower level team playing at home, extra time, penalties! (of course no away goal rule ) -- Best of 128 round: NB1 and NB2 and NB3 teams (12+20+41**) joining ONLY in 6th round (best of 128). NB1 and NB2 teams are seeded into 1st POT! And 55 teams from lower county leagues from 5th round. Low level county (Megye means county) and lower level Budapest teams. **Only 41 teams coz MLSZ (Hungarian Football Federation) excluding NB1 and NB2 reserve teams! (I don't see reserve teams in IRL cup too! ) -- Best of 64 and Best of 32 rounds: NB1 teams: Drawing against each other are NOT ALLOWED until Best of 16 round! Sources: Hungarian Wiki site for Hungarian cup English version (Use translate for Hun version, you can catch up rules there!!! ) Damn meanwhile we've got new patch (21.4). Could you do this dear Weiry??? That would be super awesome!!! Cheers!
  20. Mate! (1st of all, sorry for late posting) This is insane! Was looking for good underdog tactic. Tried several ones and finally found this. We are Fresh Div2 winners and marched again into cup final against one of the top team from my country (approx. 5x better value). Nothing changed and/or post-tweak ****. Thanks! CRAZY! Behold:
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