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  1. Playing with 47 playable leagues (top level playable, view-only below)! (I will reducing them from next season to 30ish, doing lot of processing time even with R5 3600) NEVER SAID to demand world class staff only! If you reading precisely you can read from me "random" all the time. And sorry for misunderstanding me but i would like much wider range with RANDOM class (from 1 to 5) newgen staff dudes...
  2. "this will be one of the major reason why the best coaches don't sign for Fehervar." Ok let's untick the "realistic appointments" option from 'include box... Ohh btw for fun fact: Only Xavier would join with us! Here we go! LET'S go find minimum 4,5 star COACH and forget Fehérvár and forget our "low repu"! This is a joke at all... And again playing with 200K+ DB... What if I would play below 100K... THAT'S why i'm hoping some mod for staffz...
  3. 2 CLs won (1 second place :P ) and one EL win of course here! We are leading Club coeff with 145K points and 3rd place on "star list"! Club repu is 9th currently! (Between Scottish prem. and Russian prem.). Nation club coeff is 6th place ATM (indicating 2 native CL spots and 1 for qualifer place). And to be honest if i STRICT to employing first (and maybe) second best formations staff dudez we would having 3-4 stars avarage at all only. HOYD situation is horrible! I have 2 newgen HOYDs with perfect Judge rates and they are not model citizens :P After all probably you a
  4. I'm in a deep save (around 2029) and playing with "Vidi" for challenge (Ferencváros is booring and not challenging for domestic level). And my current world rep for Videoton*** is 9458 (according to FMRTE) or something. (CL wins and stuff and I'm not reloader) So i hope for better and wider range staff mod or something. Of course would be awesome tool like FMRTE for injecting new staff members before new season starts. Random (range) of course... ***Chose Videoton coz i'm living in resort area for 3 years now near (15 km) "Székesfehérvár" (Beautiful too!) (Moved
  5. Daveincid! Just a question. Would you consider the option for better (number and variants of course) generating newgen staff members? I dunno how do you guys doin' and I have to admit i'm a little bit pedantic about finding staff coz "preferred tactic" and stuff BUT... (for Mans, Ass.Mans, HOYD, Coaches, PerfAs only) I'm struggling*** all the time sniping good new stuff for my squads. Not many less option to chose. I would like a mod or something that generating MUCH more staff members season after season or stuff like that. Tl;dr: Much more newgen staff mod with
  6. Thank you bro, but please read it again. You missing the fact these players are MY players and they are not from my shortlist. My shortlist is empty So the question is open. And still spamming my best players... So annoying...
  7. I Think its UI problem but if you think it's off-topic, in this case please move my problem elsewhere! So i have a big problem. If you look at my attached picture you can see I turned off transfer settings but if i hit continue the game engine won't take it seriously and denying my late setting. My goal is simple: Ignore ANY KIND of transfer offers. (Already set "reject all offers" I don't want to sell my players!!) It's like spam and boring. Please patch this! Thanks!
  8. I was wondering... Having one more question if you don't mind. What would be first on priority list when i choose the RIGHT HOYD? Personality, formation, stars/attributes that matters? If i find 2,5 star MODEL CITIZEN HOYD with perfectly fits to my tactical formation is better than a 4 star perfectionist/resolute etc. one? I'm getting personality priorities from: Zealand's personality list
  9. Thank you! So, basically if you want to change anything you have to do the necessary steps BEFORE december? Right?
  10. Hey guys! New save, new team. Limited (wage) options. Got first youth intake preview @ december. Disclaimer: He was the best option considering budget/personality/formation magical trio. My picking method for HOYD: I'm choosing fairly professional personality instead of lower star/attrib professional (or better). (Advice me too if i'm doing it wrong please!) Question: If I find better (same star or better model citizen/model professional/professional) HOYD (until next year early March) can i get better final youth intake in March? Thanks!
  11. Illustrating my problem but i think you are understand my problem well...
  12. I always take care of: "not tinkering that" tl;dr: no, of course!
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