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  1. Thank you mate!!! With my 3rd level team* with some good snipez from TM successfully achieved to march into Hungarian cup final**, got super lucky coz got only same and below level teams until semis. In semis beat TWICE level1 team!!! (EV of Mezőkövesd is 1,5x than us) But the picture (tree from round4) is speaking for itself! *With Weiry deep level pyramid i can play with lower level teams from Hungary and I raised in 14th district of Budapest, so i choose my native team. Ferencváros gonna mop the floor with us in final but who cares! (Disclaimer: From 5th round unt
  2. As a Hungarian i have read the official rules aaand you are right!!! WOW, didn't know it, kudos for you! Problem is still exists when you want to validate that fmf. But how could i change in editor? Somebody do that for us pleeease i don't wanna wait for weekend! edit: Is it enough to switch "Megyei Bajnokság I" to flexible? I dunno.
  3. Replying to my Hungarian pyramid comment. Ok i see the problem now literally coz i found it in editor! We have 3 leagues in level3. Last 3 from them would relegate to level 4. We have 20 counties/championships in level 4! Somehow we have to reduce 20 winners to 9 promoting teams. In my original pyramid file that Weiry provided to us i found the promoting procedure. 20 teams for 10 places cup style. That would be easy if we would having 10 teams. Damn... What should i tinkering* to solve this problem? I'm really n00b/new. *Theoretically this would be not a problem i wo
  4. That would be super awesome!!! >>>Hungary<<< between "Division III" and "Megyei bajnokság I". !!! "Megyei bajnokság I. osztály" is the 4th level in pyramid and means literally "County Championship first class/level" Because in Hungarian pyramid only first 3 levels are "(semi) professional". behold: https://imgur.com/K4gFckh THANK YOU! Edit: I was tinkering with editor but i'm fully new to this FM thing (Long time ago i was playing with ancient CM in early 2000 and i came back recently, what a jump isn't it? ) so long t
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