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  1. BELFAST CELTIC Profile Facilities Finances Squad Transfers Summary We finished our first season with the team, saving us from relegation. It was a good season in the cup, but quite tough in the league. We do not improve the facilities, although I think they are good for our level. LEAGUE With just 4 league wins, we can stay away from relegation for most of the tournament, except for a horrible streak where we fell to last place. CUPS League Cup Cup Steel & Sons Intermediate In the cup competitions, it was generally a great season, reaching t
  2. BELFAST CELTIC Profile Facilities Finances Squad Affiliates I will be managing in North Ireland, Belfast Celtic, a newly promoted club with a great history
  3. Northern Ireland has 3 levels, can I take the club that goes up to the second division? no promotion from 4th to 3rd in the base game
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