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  1. Before update, four match unbeaten streak. After update, 1 win from 5 matches. Having said that, the ME looks more like real football now. I just have to adapt/figure out which shouts to change in relation to the tweaks. Defending and GK is MUCH improved, IMO.
  2. http://www.metacritic.com/game/pc/football-manager-2014/user-reviews I'm sure that the folks at SI have read some of this. Sobering.
  3. You still didn't address my original point, and I indicated that I know how to use the team talks, etc.
  4. I swear sometimes that if a steam connection to FM or the actual disc caught someone's computer on fire that some of you would blame it on their tactics. I've been playing this game for 10 years, I think I know how to manage team talks and individual discussions with the players. Frankly, I don't think many of you really even read posts. I said the MINUTE TO MINUTE morale, I was less concerned about the game to game although I absolutely think the game to game changes too much. A professional is notgoing to go from supremely confident to a sniveling schoolboy in the span of two minutes. They just don't.
  5. I'm sorry but, no. My post and issue is valid. I don't even mind so much the game to game, but the minute to minute is just WAY over the top.
  6. Honestly, I actually think that player morale is the worst thing broken with the game, even more than corners, wingers not crossing, etc. The players as a whole act like 12 year old girls, no offense to 12 year old girls. You can win 5 games in a row, have everyone at superb, draw a tough match and you'd think that you just lost 15 matches in a row. OR the minute to minute Looks composed to Looks very nervous. PROFESSIONAL athletes by the nature of the fact that they got THIS far in their career, even at Skrill level are NOT going to be THAT schizophrenic to vary from MINUTE TO MINUTE the way the game represents. I understand that if you lost a couple in a row, the game can't have EVERYONE at abysmal, but I just wish when I have the BEST team in the league, that when I win 4-5 in a row, but then lose ONE match, that my players wouldn't turn into a bunch of jellyfish.
  7. I would like to hear from anyone at SI, when the next patch is going to be released. I'm not screaming or shouting, but just SOME acknowledgement that there is light at the end of the tunnel would be nice, at this point.
  8. Except for the fact that I've been playing the game for 10+ years, have tried every possible setting in the shouts and instructions, literally, and they will cross as they should MAYBE once per game. I'm not asking to SCORE goals off of crosses, or even to "WIN" but I just want crosses to at least approximate real life. Right now, they just wait for the defender to kick it off, for a corner.
  9. The ONLY quarrel that I have with the ME at this moment is that the wingers just will not cross when they should and even after this update, they still look to hit it off of the defender for a corner. I've jokingly referred to 14 as Set Piece Manager 14.
  10. Can I possibly be the only person that is seeing a bug whereby the pitch seems too small and the players go out of bounds with the ball, corners are taken way away from the corner area and generally the field seems shifted. I.e. penalties aren't taken from the spot, etc.
  11. weebob88, I find that I have more 'control' over the game playing in "Extended". The other options feel like the game is 'just' a simulation whereby me as manager have no influence.
  12. LOL, I just got sacked at Wigan for "Not dropping Gary Caldwell". He is A. My captain B. Being played because of injuries to other players. I get that I was told by the chairman to drop him a month or so ago, but things change. I realize its just a game, but that's a really crappy reason to get sacked giving those circumstance.
  13. 1. Insane amount of corners being scored. 2. Way too many straight red cards 3. ME feels entirely random to me. No rhyme or reason when I win or when I lose. 4. My squad are as wishy washy as a room full of pre-pubescent school girls. The player reactions simply MUST be toned down. No professional footballer should go from Appears Professional to Catatonically Nervous in 30 seconds. I hate to say this but the interface and extras FM14 has is amazing. The ME and the actual in game experience, for ME is so bad, I can hardly play it. Sadly, this is the only version that I have ever played on FM where I almost have contemplated just giving up.
  14. install a new skin with an iMac. I had no trouble doing this with PCs but have been wholly unable to do so on my iMac. If you want to use an example, I like the green (grass) based skins.
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