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  1. I would definitely recommend going over to the tactics forum and at least having a read of some of the stickies that are on there. This year was the first year I couldn't get my players to do what I wanted them to do and was getting frustrated, after having a read of some the posts on there gave me more understanding of how the FM14 tactics work and what the roles etc mean. From this quit my game and started a new game taking the advice and now I am seeing my team perform as I expected them to from the keeper distributing it out to the defence and keeping a possession game while creating a decent number of clear cut chances and also half chances. Also this is with 4 different teams using a combination of 4 tactics.
  2. I use OPZ skin as well and clicked on it for a friendly once, so it does work. Although I have since removed it from the skin to avoid temptation.
  3. Starting as an unemployed manager with Sunday League reputation running all leagues I applied for all available jobs and got offered interviews for mostly lower league teams. Out of all the interviews I went to using the same routine slightly less wage and transfer budget with no board recommendations I got offered jobs in Singapore, Malaysia, South Africa and Northern Ireland.
  4. pre-ordered from them and already have the beta code for this year
  5. Could be totally wrong here but this is what I think is happening. With the middle central defender set to cover he will attempt to help out the other central defenders depending where the danger is and where they are positioned. In the first screen shot he is roughly 5 yards behind the other 2 CDs so is in a position to see what is happening ahead of him. When the long ball catches out your defence and the left CD goes over to close down the attacking player with the ball then the middle CD will go over to basically cover him in case he gets beat so that he is there to potentially remove the threat. This has dragged him out of position and therefore has left 3 attacking players with the option of converting the cross when it comes over.
  6. Yeah it is a digital download, pre ordered it when it was first announced and got it for £22.99 not sure how much they are charging now.
  7. I pre-ordered through 365Games.co.uk and got my beta code through by email this afternoon.
  8. SPFL is the governing body for all the leagues in Scotland not just the Scottish Premiership. OP not sure whether it would be referred to as the Premiership or the Scottish Premiership. I suppose this would go throughout the leagues whether they would be known as Championship, League1, League2 or if they will have the Scottish prefix on all of them.
  9. Maybe a way of implementing this if the DoF is used to handle transfers would be to have it as an addition to the backroom advice meeting screen. The conversation could appear along the lines of we have x amount of money available for transfers could you get back to me with any areas of the squad you feel need strengthening. At this point you can outline the areas of the squad that need improved and top 3 target for the positions similar to the way the voting is done for awards. From this you could select the 3 players from your shortlist per position and then in the bottom window a field to select how much you think the player is worth including sign at all costs.
  10. One of the other things to take into account (not that I'm totally defending the demands) is that by looking at the negotiation screen it looks like he is being offered an upgrade in squad status. Not sure when he signed the original contract or what his current status is but if he is currently something like a promising youngster and on the £29,500 that he is on then I could see why he would want such a massive wage increase. Also as Barside said it would be interesting to know what the private chat was about, has he been told he will get an improved contract offer etc.
  11. I would assume not but just to cover all options, does the club he is on loan at have an option to buy him? If that is the case then you won't be able to recall him either.
  12. There is an option to use the real fixtures where possible but this would only be for leagues where SI have the license. With regard to matching the real life fixture list both ways have the possibility to match them, however this should only be an issue in the 1st season as after that both promotion and relegation will have taken place.
  13. I play with all leagues loaded and customize it to use load all players from all the continents. Running with 4 managers in the hot seat runs ok. To be honest the longest part seems to be playing all the matches as they are very rarely scheduled for the same time.
  14. Yes, agree that this could be a nice feature to have. It could also open up more options within the press module regarding these stats, both from comments and also press conferences.
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