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  1. Thanks very much mate - how does this differ from focus play down the middle though?
  2. Despite reading a number of articles and forum posts I am still having some trouble with attacking width. The most common theme seems to be advice that if you are a good team who plays narrow then you will struggle vs a low block. The idea being that your players are closer together but that they have no way of out-flanking a narrow Defence. Whilst I do understand the principle here, this seems to directly contradict another idea which seems to be accepted - that PIs for wider players will take precedence over TIs. If that is the case, then I do not understand the advantage of e
  3. Looking at width only - Guardiola's tactics focus on short passing - that seems on one hand to suggest a narrow style, so that the central players are close enough to do so, and to enable overloads that would be difficult if players were too spread out. On the other hand, he favours the AML and AMR staying on the touchline to receive the ball. What is the best way to encourage passing football - is it to play narrow but put PIs on the AML and AMR to stay wider?
  4. Thanks for that - i will take a look now. I think it's the speed of passing which unlocks these packed defences that is hard to recreate. I try to stay away from wing play because i find that it leads to the wide players simply being hemmed in and the other IF, Striker and AM just sat in the box waiting for a cross.
  5. I have gone narrow because whenever i play with a wider formation my players seem to be too far from one another to combine passes in the way that I want them too. I understand that the opposition won't be stretched horizonally which is why i want to have faster through balls when countering and when this isn't possible, for the team to get past the low block with one-twos. Thanks for that. It seems to be that even with narrow attacking width, there is naturally width from the WBs anyway. Is there any room for the underlap command to help with through-balls and/or one twos, o
  6. I am trying to create a side playing possession football who create chances primarily through interplay between forwards and one-twos (give and goes) around the edge of the box to create CCCs rather than crossing etc. My aim is to create a tactic where the wide defenders add to passing opportunities and keeping possession centrally whilst progressing the ball up the pitch, and rather than spreading play too wide, the AM or DLP should rather look for runs incoming from the IW or IF or pass to the AM who can play one twos with the DLF to get in on goal. What seems to be happening is t
  7. Thanks for that. From what you say i need to create space in behind the oppositions Defence, and therefore reduce the LoE if i want to attack with runners, rather than hitting a brick wall against the Defence, which is happening now. What I have done here is to set a lower LOE. I want to go with shorter passing in the Defence opening up opportunities to get the ball to Midfield. Then once the ball is in the midfield I want to have my attacking players making runs and pass in behind from the wings. What seems to be happening though is that the SS and DLG both just hang at the bac
  8. Thanks mate. I have changed the formations around a bit to try to get around the lack of solidity in the away formation and stuck a DLP(s) in the first one. One thing that i am trying to get my head around is the speed of attacks and where players should be positioned. If i am looking at a faster paced style does that allow you more room for players on attack duty?
  9. Hi all, Returning to FM after a long time trying to re-adjust to how things are now. I've been playing as Leeds, trying an attacking home tactic and a countering away tactic. I want to be progressive even when away, play attacking football but much more forward focussed rather than 'possession for possession's sake' if you like. Moving the ball forward but whilst not being long ball and still looking to retain possession but with a purpose. I am noticing that I'm struggling to create CCCs which could just be due to the players, but any suggestions would be welcomed!
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