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  1. Thanks for getting back so quickly. I have a lenovo tab 10.3 inch screen octacore chip FHD plus I also played this on my phone with the same account this is the first time it's happened
  2. This is saying that my game appears to have been obtained from a unofficial source when I bought it off Google play what's this mean
  3. Hi Guys i was wondering if this is normal i Have a Lenovo tab 10.3 inch screen i think is a 2019 tablet brand new i brought it for christmas the game runs well but the match seems to be like blurry to see it should be clear is there anything anyone can do to fix this issue at all please get back to me on this would really apreciate it.
  4. Is there any more info based on this problem guys be interested to find out what the problem is
  5. Yes I can confirm it's pixelation thanks guys hope this can be fixed
  6. Hey I hope this comes out as I see it it's like a low graphic detail sort of look
  7. Hi to you all at sigames massive fan of your amazing work on the the greatest football franchise game ever. I bought my self a tablet before Christmas o have the lenovo tab m10.3 UHF tablet and I also purchased the fm21 android touch game the game itself runs really well looks clear and precise but when it comes to watching the match engine the pitch the players the stadium looks slightly blurry which I am struggling to play on I am hoping you guys can fix this issue I understand if not and if you can give me an update with why that's fine I understand if you can then even better I can carry o
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