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  1. Hi all, I have a very clear idea of how I want to set my tactic up (with a few rules I'm trying to follow; I want to use 5atb, and a Trequartista) and I am right on the edge of sorting it out. For reference, I am playing as St. Pauli in season 5. We're predicted to finish 6th in the Bundesliga, so we are in the sweet spot where the bottom 3-4 teams park the bus, but the rest still try to press us high, for the most part. I'm going to start by showing the tactic I started recently in a 1-1 draw away to HSV. The idea is simple; we build from the back through the progressive
  2. The most obvious is during your goal-kicks. If you see that the AI team is cutting off your short passing options by playing close to your defenders, then they are pressing high. If your goalkeeper could easily pass it to one of the back 4, they aren't. You'll also recognise it in your attacking play. During highlights, are you having lots of the ball outside of their box, which is tightly congested? Then they are probably not pressing high. However, if you are noticing that you are finding lots of space for your striker to run into during highlights, then they probably are playing high.
  3. I think the problem could be that - despite having a DM - you're still leaving yourself pretty exposed. You're playing with an AP(A) and a RPM in the middle, neither of which are going to provide much defensive solidity (the AP is moving forward into the attacking midfield, and the RPM is going wherever he wants). Then, your DLP is on (S) which means he will venture forward more than you'd really want from the 'holding' midfield role. On top of that, you're playing 2 Wing Backs (S) who will both be overlapping as well - basically meaning there will be times when only your 2 CBs are in pos
  4. Thanks for the replies guys. How do we think it would effect the tactic if I changed the HB into a CB on Stopper in the middle of a back 3? Sort of like @Coleman is saying. I basically want the back 3 to help build possession from the back and allow us to play the ball effectively into the final third, and then stay back as the wide 3 that cover for counter attacks when we are attacking. Would 3 CBs leave the midfield too open? Or am I actually right in thinking this might work better than a HB(D)? @Experienced Defender @MadOnion @hehehemann
  5. That's annoying about the HB. I guess if it's going well then I shouldn't worry too much, but it would have been nice aesthetically to see the back 3 really come into its own. On the IWBs - I thought that they would only not cut inside if you have a DM in their strata, as it were? I.e if I had 2 CDMs they wouldn't cut in, but with 1 centrally they still will. They aren't acting as wing-backs (they are coming inside) it's just that they aren't quite playing far enough up the pitch as I'd expect. Is changing them to (A) going to be the only option to encourage that?
  6. Hi guys, Very simple question, so apologies if it doesn't deserve its own thread. This is my current system. It's working really well, but I'm not happy with the positioning of the HB and IWB. I'm finding the HB is standing too far forwards from the CBs in possession (I want him to literally be sat as a 3rd CB), and the IWBs are too close to the backline. I've tried setting pressing less on the HB, and getting further forwards on the IWBs (who I want to be attacking the half-spaces behind the strikers), but their average positions aren't budging. Any thoughts/ideas app
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