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  1. it's just nowhere to write youth infake number 30
  2. i am wondering where it is possible to change the number of these youth infake who come to the club I would like a lot of them to come thanks for the help
  3. yes some experience i, mam make a new club new players new stadium
  4. I'm wondering if it would be possible to change the number of arrivals of young young players in the club
  5. however, it is possible to change the number of arrivals of these young people
  6. I created a new club FC SLODOWN i also made several reserve clubs FC SLODOWN 2,3,4,5 but now i'm wondering what you should have in these reserve clubs for these young players to come youth candidates IM ASKING FOR HELP
  7. I am interested in the following I created some reserve clubs, connected them with a member team I wonder if these young players will also come to these reserve clubs?
  8. I'm interested in how I could put pressure on my opponent at fm 15 throughout the match
  9. I would love to play like this in this video https://strikerless.com/2015/04/29/counter-pressing-in-the-fm15-me/
  10. I would like to fill in these instructions for the un team for players for COUNTER PRESSING
  11. I'm interested in how you could create counter pressing for fm 15 with these instructions for the team and players thank you for your help
  12. I'm wondering if maybe kfo still has a link from counter pressing or what positions and instructions the team needs to have
  13. I wonder how many new countries I can make? can I make a completely practical out of nothing new country? I have a lot of ideas
  14. Hello I wonder if new nations could be made? So I would have a new IP
  15. i would like to do big competitions like world and european championship I would like the following - to place some countries directly in the competitions of continental champions and teams that qualify through the qualification - then in big competitions that these countries advance to take away the number of points
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