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  1. I've had several players poached before they have entered the game and i am aware the process for this. Nothing we can do, just happens etc etc. I've saved the email of all the players that have been poached. In most cases I'm 5 years past the date of the initial poach. How long does a poached player take to become a real player on youth intake day?
  2. Absolutely it should. I remember in past FM's you would have your matches played at x ground if you didn't meet the requirements. Not sure why this isn't happening in my York Save, seems to be broken.
  3. Im York in 2028, and still have max capacity of 10,000.
  4. My current stadium capacity is also below the minimum limit allowed for the premier league as well. The council rejected the request so now the board have cancelled the request. Looks like im stuck with a 10k capacity ground.
  5. Currently own the stadium. Its strange under Future stadium plans is has a 19,750 stadium at planning permission. But the Stadium is cancelled after Council rejected it, and there is no expend option available.
  6. Hi Everyone, I'm currently managing York in August 2027. I've been in the Premier League since 2025 / 2026 I finished third last year and have been going pretty good. Won the EURO 2 Cup and have been growing my rep consistently. I've asked the board for several expansions of the ground which keep on getting rejected. In the year 2025 they informed me a new grown was being planned. This was recently rejected by Council. I'm still at 10,000 capacity which gets sold out every game. Ive got around $200 mill in the bank so that shouldn't be an issue. Is there any way to get a new ground or expand the ground as this is limiting the save.
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