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  1. Not sure if this has been suggested, but didn't want to trawl through all the pages ... A customisable match screen, where you can choose what is shown and where. For instance, I like the player ratings screen to be the match screen, and at the moment, I have to change this every time. Is there a way that for FM 2009, there is a preference screen that allows you to custom build your match screen? I.e. you have three sections for the match screen (divided half on the left, and the right side, split in to two boxes, one on top of each other), and you can drag in what you want to appear on the left (in my case, this would be player ratings) then you can drag in what you want to appears in the boxes on the right (e.g. 2D match engine & latest scores etc etc). And then every time you go to a match, the screen is set up as stated in the 'match screen preferences' I guess the nearest thing I have seen that does this is the bbc website homepage, where you can drag the news boxes to where you want them to appear when you open the page. I have Sports as the box on the top left. How does this sound?
  2. What I would really like to see is an option to set a time when the match pauses automatically to allow for tactical changes. For example, most managers like to make subs between the 60/70 min mark, and an option to stop the game at a certain time in the match would be very useful! This is because there is nothing more annoying then being 2-0 up after half time, decide to quickly go get a drink, and when you come back, it's 2-2 and theres 4 minutes to go!! No chance of making any decent tactical changes! I know its too late to be included in FM 08, but perhaps 2009??
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