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  1. Well I will take that personally because what I said were mostly facts so you either called me a liar or stupid. I don't know how much experience you have but I have enough to see that I understand these finances a bit better than you. As we established, over 10 years period, yes that money can be and is significant and that is my whole point. As I explained it, on average for past 10 years I've been earning 100M/Y. So that is with being very successful while keeping the wages low and constantly selling players. With inflated wages, that would be significantly lower. Yes you are right,
  2. The numbers I am throwing around is money that I accumulated for 20 years without spending barely anything. So I joined the premier league with 500M, that means I earned 1B over 10 years. That means 100M a year average. I sell a player or 2 every season that gets me around 100M. So basically I am extremely successful and on extremely low wages and still not making money outside sales. If I paid anything near my players demands I'd be losing money rapidly which would mean that I would sit on pretty low budget now. So like 50M a season from tickets would be 500M over 10 years, in this long save
  3. Actually tickets are still quite a big factor when you include all competitions. So basically, I lost my best player and 400M in latest happenings, and couple of important players and 800M overall? Now that is beyond stupid... I don't understand how can that be a way to deal with a problem.
  4. As I said, I know I can't ask for a new stadium. But I am pretty sure that the board can decide on their own to build it. I even read it as one of those tips during processing screen. The limit could be properly fixed by adding actual some kind of reserve fund where money gets deposited to, instead of just breaking the game and removing the money.
  5. First I'll put everything into perspective and explain why this is a big deal to me. I am managing English Tier 11 team, after I got promoted to Premier League my board decided to build a 20000 capacity stadium(now maxed out at 30k) for 45M Euros even tho I had 500M in the bank. During construction we played on 40K stadium and we were already filling it for every game so that already pissed me off. This put me in incredibly difficult position where I had to balance between high board demands while keeping low wages, meaning I had to keep selling all my best players due to high wage deman
  6. Really wanted to share this with someone but don't feel like it's new topic worthy so I'll just drop it here. Not even sure if it's a bug or what. This player had 17.25M Minimum fee release clause... Removed everything they offered, accidentally left Per League Appearance clause, set fee to 17M, added 50% percentage of next sale and suggested it. They accepted right away. Someone at Reading deserves to be sacked
  7. As Aurio said, people need to stop comparing FM to real life in sense what's realistic and what's not. The whole charm about FM is the unrealistic part of it where you are given the opportunity to create some "impossible" narratives. The idea was to get the team to win Premier League and Champions league. I didn't think I could get anywhere near it but I wanted to try, however anything else is a failure. I managed to overcome the crisis with significantly increasing the wages and just selling everyone whose wage demands are just too big, as I don't want to mess the whole structure where ev
  8. To add on board competence and judgement When I asked for upgraded training facilities That is some serious underperforming I guess we aren't brave enough in our fight against relegation
  9. Yeah I was reluctant to buy 21 for long time but then I kept hearing about many minor improvements that overall make quite a difference... Wish I started this save in 2021 now.
  10. My save is on 2020, I bought 2021 last week but still didn't start a single save, I am invested in current one. I know boards do suck, mine especially. They are allowing me 6M transfer budget and 50K p/w, and I have 5m total in the bank and losing money monthly... Which if I all used I'd go into debt and board would then blame me and reduce wage budget to 5k p/w because "current financial situation", and then they'd hate on me for not working within a budget which is a club vision.. I learned that from experience long time ago so now I figure what I can afford to pay on my own. I'll try to not
  11. @AurioDKThanks a lot for elaborate post. Most of the things said I am aware of and already doing and I guess that's weird because the answer was right in front of me... To survive in Vannarama National where I was burning trough club's money really quickly, I'd sell like 1 player for 500k and that would have me financially secured for another year... So the key point you mentioned and I think I'd have to work around is to take gamble with the wages. Those good youngsters that used to join me for 300P/W and now want 1500P/W, to give them those wages and hoping that selling some of them for dece
  12. I achieve nothing by doing reasonably in Championship, which I somehow am btw. I can't replace them with youngsters because they also want wages that I can't afford to pay. I am using current players on old wages but I'll run out of them very quickly. With low reputation and stadium with 5250 capacity( expanstion to 6500 will start at the end of the season and take a while) it is gonna take a decade before I reach financial strength to be able to afford to pay what players want in championship. Loaning players would work short term but would still end up with same problem. I guess I am look
  13. It's literally not what I am asking, It's baffling that you are actually telling me what my question is. My question is how to get out of that situation and what you are saying is no solution at all. 5-6 important players have their contracts expiring at the end of the season, others will follow in next 1 or 2 years. I have no u23 and u18 because I can't really afford to pay the wages for them, especially not for the ones that would be of any use. It's literally matter of losing all the players because I can't afford their wages and not being able to sign anyone because of high wages demands.
  14. Except I never even asked the question you are giving me answer for. To me it looks like a dead end, but I was hoping someone with more knowledge and maybe experience with similar situation could see the way out of it
  15. DON'T PAY WHAT?? I literally said I can't pay them wages. I know very well how to manage my finances. Keep winning when in Championship when I literally said that my players are not even League 1 quality... Even if I was to just keep winning their contracts will run out very quickly and then what? This is not simple question of giving or not giving them wages they want. The situation is far more complex and that's why I came here for help
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