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  1. Season 9 (2030) - Transfers League - WOW! I knew my players were developing well but didn't think they had it in them to win the league! We are the first team to win the league other than Flamengo in the past ten years. Flamengo's form dropped after losing the Copa Libertadores final on penalities, picking up just two points from their last 5 games. Half of the challenge down in just under 10 years! Copa Sudamericana - We did so well, easily topping our group and beating Botafogo in the semi-finals before losing to Internacional 3-1 after extra time in the final. Disappointing
  2. Season 7 (2028) - Transfers League - No improvement on the previous season, finishing 13th and with two fewer points. Copa Sudamericana - Progressed much further second time round, reaching the semi-final before being knocked out by Botafogo. São Paulo State - Quarter-Final Copa do Brasil - 2nd Round - knocked out on penalties by a 3rd division team. 2028 Youth Intake - Some decent winger stats, just need to improve those physicals. Youth facilities upgraded again and training facilities upgraded twice. Season 8 (2029) - Transfers League - No improvemen
  3. Season 4 (2025) - Transfers After taking a short break from FM21, I'm back in the Ferroviária hot seat. League - After narrowly missing out on promotion by one point last season, my aim was to get into the Série A this year. We ended up smashing my expectations, winning the league by 17 points! São Paulo State Championship -I decided to use the São Paulo State Championship as a chance to use youth players and to instant result the games to progress through the seasons quicker as the competition is basically meaningless in this challenge and takes up around 13 games a season. Dep
  4. Craving a new football manager challenge and after reading through the journeys of other managers, I have decided to take over Brazilian side Ferroviária in São Paulo. I've always wanted to do a save in Brazil but could never get one started, now I've already done 3 seasons! Season 1 Manager Profile / Transfers before I joined Before we even started the league campaign, the board sold my best LB, RB and CM for a total of 100k. Ferroviária were one of the favourites to get promoted from Série C, and we did just that! The promotion rules are nothing like I have ever seen befo
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