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  1. Basically, what I want in this tactic is something akin to a 4-2-3-1 with Zlatovic as the driving force of the attack. He is gifted both as a finisher and as a playmaker, but his speed is pretty average and that's why I don't want him to be the spearhead. Unfortunately, he's not comfortable playing as a AMC and I've tried to play 4-2-4 to put his ability to use without adaptation to a new position. DLF(A) is his most suitable role so I've tried putting him on the left side so he can drop deeper and bait defenders into following him, opening space for my AML to make forward runs, while Zlatovic would fill space between AML and DLP and follow up as the second fiddle of the attack. There were occasions where it happened, and generally I'm satisfied with the quantity and quality of the shots we create but my AF has struggled in this tactic, somehow moments we create don't involve him all that often. Any advice on changing the tactic? Other notes: - It's very hard finding pacy fullbacks at this level, and both fullbacks aren't capable of playing wingback. Still, they're told to stay wider if we have a positional attack so they can support the wingers. - My previous tactic was pretty similar, 4-3-3 with DLP(D) as CDM, BBM and MEZ(A) in the midfield. With arrival of Zlatovic Mezzala basically moves up the pitch and that leaves BBM and DLP in the centre. I'm afraid BBM would go up and leave DLP alone, that's why I switched Imrekov to CM(S) and told him to hold position. I'm also thinking of moving DLP a bit deeper for more security at the back but not sure how that would affect the overall structure. - Perhaps I should switch my AMR to IW(s) and my AML to IF(A) but AML is the more versatile and creative of the two Maybe I forgot something I wanted to tell so this may seem a bit unclear. I'm using comprehensive highlights if that matters.
  2. yeah... i've read good reviews, bought the game and I feel a bit robbed
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