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  1. 25 shots 1 goal every game

    I hate to agree with you after many long years of loyal service to this series, but I find this also.I have tried so many different teams and tactics and my strikers just always seem to think that they are either taking part in the crossbar challenge, our that they are aiming for the corner flag. It is very frustrating ass I don't believe it is my tactics. I am creating chances just not finishing them, even with strikers like Defoe, berbatov, Adebayor they can't get the ball in the net. Help!!! And if not help then at least tell me I'm not alone
  2. Two Managers Help

    Would also be an awkward conversation in the staff room, when your co manager realises he is on a lot less money than you.... AWKWARD!!!!!! Just saying!
  3. Watch the Full Game

    After reading this thread I now feel strange that I watch the entire match!!! I thought it was quite common?
  4. Sows w my first venture into management!!!! Wow what memories
  5. Strange England Managers

    Is it only me that has had Alan shearer as England u21 manager! Pearce appointed him when he got the proper job
  6. Save my sanity!!!!!!

    Oh...but superstition so vital to a footballer! Damn it , I need to pull myself together, il end up doing a glen huddle otherwise... And that did not end well!!!!!
  7. I usually watch every matchin full using 3d match engine (apparently I like the stress)! However, recently frustration took over and I skipped to commentary only. Suddenly my 5 match un winning streak turns into a 4 match winning streak! Now I'm terrified of reverting back to my old way of watching. Please someone tell me that I'm being silly and it makes no difference at all what view I use... Please....
  8. We need a name for a career where you move around regularly, winning things. An Ibrahimovic career? The allardyce career?... Oh no, wait a minute...
  9. I'm similar to billy. I try to play realistically. Probably spend on average 2 or 3 years at a club and then move on... Usually up another tung of the ladder so to speak. I think the days of one club managers is fast disappearing in the modern game, if it ever really existed at all??? Especially in recent decades few managers have remained at one club. Have they??? Now trying to think of examples to disprove myself...
  10. I got giddy

    Have just reached the semi finals of the international u21 competition with England! Have already decided that I am going to resign after this tournament so every extra game gets to be my swan song... Quite happy we are facing Portugal who we beat 3-2 earlier in season.
  11. Idea

    I always kinda assumed that when you offered him to clubs that. Is what happened. His agent goes out and touts him around??
  12. Idea

    How would it be diffent from offering him to clubs???
  13. Coach calculators

    That's the one I'd been looking into. Watch out back room staff we are having an overhaul!!!
  14. Coach calculators

    You created your own... Wow, how did you even start doing that??? I would not know where to begin! Has anyone got a calculator they would recommend?
  15. I've had this also as manager of derby, and notts forest (on fm11)! I'll agree it gets to the point where you actually want to arrange a fans meeting and lay it on the line for them!!!!!! What irks me more is when the board listens to the fans and get rid of you for what they now deem as 'underperforming'!! However it is good then to have a chuckle at the fella that follows you into the job only to drag them back into mid table mediocrity hahahaha