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  1. Hi Harry, I’m not entirely sure how save a game save from iPad to the link you provided. But I did a simple test where I just simulated the first 2 seasons unemployed and the attached photos shows the youth intake. The first season is the only season where any youth intake occurs in South America or in a lot of places. the first two photos are year 1, the second two are year 2. I hope this illustrates the issue. Cheers, Tom
  2. Hey, I’ve noticed that while season 1 seems to work ok and each team around the world generates a few regens. In season 2 and beyond this all stops, only the 3 countries loaded at the start of the game now produce regens. For example if you loaded, England, Spain, Italy, their youth intake would continue as normal, however every other country, such as France or Brazil or Germany for example their teams no longer produce any regens. Is this an issue with the game? Thanks, Tom
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