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  1. Thanks for this. Surely as the host, it is his responsibility to do this, therefore, I win the argument 😂
  2. I can’t believe you’ve all sided with him It’s ok, I’ve had great fun watching him play for the last 2 hours. Now you’ve backed him, I haven’t experienced unemployment much. I am only rated 1.5/2 star, national league pro footballer past experience. What’s my realistic next job? Would I have to dive down from the premier league to league 1 etc?!
  3. Hi all. My friend and I have been battling out in online FM games for over 9 years. It really blows the single player game out of the water for us. Anyway, the debate - We’re in season 3 of our challenge, he is West Brom and I am Fulham. It’s around Christmas and I am struggling in 18th. He’s doing really well and in 6th. I had lost 6 games in a row and I had the dreaded board meeting. I had a month to turn this around. Over the next 3 games, I won 2 (one in the cup) and lost 1 (to Man U). My next game was against Wolves who were in 15th and my internet dropped out on the day of the
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