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  1. Third Champions League game, again balanced mentality all the way through the game. First half was absolutely exceptional. It was exactly the way we all want to see this tactic play out, dominating possession (over 71%) and limiting Dortmund to 2 shots, breaking down attacks before they have even started and playing around opposition like they aren't there. It was like watching City in their prime. Second half was a different story, we just never got going and we didn't have the same motivation to keep it up. I think this is coz I have quite a young team at the moment and don't have the abilit
  2. So I have just played my first Champions League game and this happened: Yes, it's a defeat but incredibly unlucky with one of their goals coming from a free kick and Dybala's coming from one of their few clear cut chances. It gives me hope considering this team are still not fully fluid with the tactic and although Ajax have a good team most of the players aren't really 'total footballers'. Mentality was set as balanced all the way through the game. You will have noticed that I have included in the screenshot the ratings for Ronaldo and Sandro, that is because I actually set O
  3. Midfield is the same set up as before with the A / MEZ / BBM, but the second striker is once again ACM(s). How is your test of the positive mentality?
  4. Quick update with my Ajax save - moved up to second place and starting to score some goals now after a few 0-0s. I can't decide whether it team mentality is better at positive or balanced Taking @Impacto's suggestions on board I have definitely seen a difference in relation to how certain roles operate within the team, especially the left IW. Below images are of the average position of Quincy Promes (11), who was operating as an IF(s) during my first game of the season (left) and the recent game operating as an IW(s):
  5. How was your players average positions of your team in the Madrid game, was the diamond in tact?
  6. Someone on here will have a better idea than I do but to assist the SS with dropping deeper can the PPM 'come deeper to get the ball' be trained? I've gave up with the Barcelona save and decided to try and win the CL with Ajax playing this system, made a few signings but the team is nowhere near complete yet. 2 games in 1 win and 1 draw. If anyone is looking around for a decent DM then this guy is alright. Signed for £4m:
  7. It's funny you should mention City as the last few times I have watched them you can see their change to a back three when in possession, with Stones going over to the RB spot and Cancelo pushing into midfield and attacking areas. It really is interesting and great to see in action. With regards to the double CAR, I actually quite like and I think it is definitely more solid defensively than the MEZ / BBM combo, despite the negative results in my earlier post. I think these results are more due to the fact that my squad depth is seriously lacking and players are incredibly fatigued, mean
  8. Results so far using the updated version: It was at the Marseille game and all the results thereafter that the team decided to completely give up dominating the ball and pretty much all of the games after that were around 50% possession each.
  9. That's a great write up. I will definitely be taking on board your scouting search tips, as I normally end up trawling through loads of profiles until I find a decent player.
  10. I can absolutely see why the 3-4-3 is the aim. I’ve used plenty of possession tactics during my years of playing FM but nothing has come close to the passing and build up play I’ve seen whilst using this and I’m looking forward to trying out the updated version at some point tomorrow
  11. Hi mate, Funnily enough since I posted that I have started to become quite leaky again - but that seems to have coincided with players become quite fatigued and in need of a rest, which I'm sure @crusadertsarsaid in either this thread or the Total Football one strength in depth is needed. In regards to PPM's although none of my back three have the stay back at all times but I think that is something I will definitely look to train into them and also play out from the back, which would also benefit the IWB's too in my opinion. I'm not too sure about the dives into tackles as maybe t
  12. It can't be underestimated how important it is to have the correct type of player in not only the IWB, but the CB and DM positions . As seen in my posts above during my first season I had major defensive issues and only after closer analysis did I realise they were not suited to the roles they were being asked to play. My right IWB is a retrained BBM, although he was part of my back three last season, has only just now after nearly 10 months of training and constantly being played there become 'natural' in the position (which I think means he can play to a world class level?) and the dif
  13. Nearing the end of my first season with Barca, finishing strongly despite a horrendous dip in form mid-season and a torrid European campaign. Multiple areas of the squad need addressing and surprisingly, goalkeeper is one of them, despite his attributes Ter-Stegen has had a very poor season as any shot he faces just seems to fly in. One question I do have for anyone who has tried this 3-4-3 with Barca, does Ter-Stegen seem to ignore the 'roll it out' instruction for you? as he kicks it long all the time for me.
  14. Thanks for the response mate. I've been trying to analyse games a lot closer and I think the issue is not having the correct personnel. For example, Pique is currently my BDP and has all the attributes to be able to play that role successfully however after closer inspection (and actually looking at PPM's) he does not dive into tackles and gets forward whenever possible. Thankfully I have Eric Garcia signing on a free so he will take over that role.
  15. Great write up, can I ask how everyone is having such good defensive stats? I started a save with Barcelona and I do nothing but concede goals from a striker running off the sole CB and have lost about 10 games in the league using it. I used the earlier versions of the tactic on my Rangers save to some success, however absolutely no luck this time.
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