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  1. Unless there's something I've missed, I've already tried messing with sections of the code in 'tactics overview side panel.xml' that appear to be related to the tactical analysis overlay. I tried altering some values and when that didn't work, I tried deleting sections of code one by one, nothing I changed affected the overlay unfortunately.
  2. I've spent a few more hours trying to locate which file controls this overlay without success. I deleted the entire 'graphics' folder located in sitoolkit/skins/fm-widgets which removed pretty much every button and box from the game, except this overlay. I tried deleting sections of code from the 'tactics overview side panel.xml' one at a time, this also achieved nothing. I don't know what else to try!
  3. I would like to know which file controls the squares overlay that appears on the tactics pitch when 'Analysis' is toggled on (see image). I have tried editing various lines in 'tactics overview side panel.xml' but to no avail. I would like these squares to remain the same colour/opacity when moving the cursor over them, rather than 'highlighting' them. It should be easy enough to work out once I've determined which file(s) control the overlay. Myself and a few others encounter an issue while running FM21 on older PCs, where when moving the cursor over certain on-screen items tha
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