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  1. @mp_87 @Experienced Defender @dunk105 @ACKCHYUALLYSOCCERCOACH CJ_Randell thank you for all suggestions. I learned things i didn't know when i trying what you told. But i didn't get positions like IRL in FM21 i think this is mostly impossible because this one is happened to me a lot. But when i trying with Son is a AF and Kane CF(s) . I started to get the positions i wanted. But i know that the football i'm playing at the moment doesn't belong to Mourinho But I can say that I have difficulties with most of the team instructions. i can 't decide which one is work for me esp
  2. You have been very helpful. thank you so much. what do you think of the team instructions?
  3. I want to apply Mourinho's tactics to the Tottenham team. But i'm new to this game yet. As far as I learned from the forum, I was able to do this much. I am waiting for your advice.
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