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  1. I'm who now? The tactic(s) I use are nothing of the sort and whilst I do tend to download tactics, that's because I struggle to build tactics from scratch, so I look for solid tactics that don't have gaping holes in them and then adapt them around my squads strengths and weaknesses. Its highly frustrating conceding goals on the counter when I have four players back yet the one AI player countering runs in a pattern that makes him faster and my players slower as well as parting like the red sea when said player runs at them. I don't see how you can always claim "Its your tactic
  2. This game hasn't changed in years, which is its downfall. I don't mind losing games that I've dominated if the AI had the better chances(CCC's and half chances for instance) as long as it works both ways, but it doesn't and never has. Away games are a complete lottery and your best hope is to try to deny the home side a shot on target(see friendly v Rangers) If only I could score with every chance like the AI do...
  3. So we've gone from Liverpool averaging 4 goals a game with the only CCC being a penalty, to this, where apparently we created 10 CCC and it still wasn't enough to score a single goal. Is this game still been marketed at adults?
  4. First season table and second season table so far.
  5. Halfway through the season and we have started to draw a lot of matches that we should be winning. I made the choice to go from using Obelisk (4-5-1) My Version IWB's Positive to Obelisk (4-5-1) My Version IWB's Attacking. It's early days but its looking promising. I've uploaded a pic of the league table at halfway through the season to give an idea of what was achieved and a couple of images from the sort of games I was seeing, which made me move up a tactic. Edit - The Villa Palace games(half time) stats I was 0-1 down at half time - The Leeds game stats I lost 1-2 and missed
  6. This tactic is still way ahead of any other tactic I've tried on FM21(although I'm sure the next patch will ruin it) Here's how to use it Underdogs - If you have a poor team for your division use the original tactic from the first post(remove tackle harder) You will definitely overachieve, but it is how much you overachieve and how much you improve your squad that will decide which version you use in season two. If you somehow managed to win the league then you will find that the tactic will struggle in season two and you will either have to switch to the "Attacking" version, w
  7. I've had plenty of success with other tactics, just not any of knap's
  8. I've been West Ham, Arsenal, Spurs, Chelsea and Villa and I've tried a fair few tactics, new games from pre season 1. I had a few good starts, but quickly faded into bad results. It might be something I'm doing, or not doing, I find the whole thing with the tactics spread everywhere very confusing.
  9. I've had no luck so far with any of the Knap tactics I've tried. I've used top, middle and bottom clubs and I just don't get any consistency. Most of the posts I read are people who use instant result or they go on holiday, I've seen very few posts announcing success playing the full game.
  10. Season 4 plug and play - Fixtures and Table Only defeat was to Liverpool(we were 2-0 up with 13 minutes left)
  11. Yeah I played him as DM and he averaged just under 7
  12. If anyone's interested, I made a tweak that seems to have made a massive difference to my fortunes in season 3 I went back to the previous save where I left off when I was struggling and managed to secure 4th place. I switched the IWB's to WB's and replicated as many instructions I could from one to the other. If anyone want's to have a try I've uploaded it. I also had some success changing the wing back instructions to "defend" to see out tight games and "attack" when needing a goal. Obelisk (4-5-1) v1.0 Tackle AttackWB.fmf
  13. I started a test save with Arsenal to try out the FM21.5TIMEKNAP451P108ALLCUPS and its not doing it for me at all for some reason? We had a good start, then a run of draws, then a good run, but then back to drawing every game. In all honesty we have only lost 1 game, but we have won 10 and drawn 9 and I'm already losing the faith of the board. Am I supposed to add OI's or other instructions, or am I missing something else maybe? Arsenal have a pretty good squad for this particular tactic, but we are not even dominating on many occasions and could easily have lost to inferio
  14. I am so confused. I was on my way out when I posted before, so decided to download the tactic when I got back. I've clicked onto the me v21.4/21.5 and all the tactics appear mixed up, whereas before they were all listed with tactics of the same formation? My OCD is going banana's
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