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  1. No offence, but that's practically word for word what I expected you to say. That tactic won me the EPL with West Ham first season, but I do understand what you're saying. Trouble is, I've used literally 100's of tactics with hundreds of different connotation's, but I concede in the same old ways over and over again and most of the goals I concede do not show as tactic deficiencies. It can be a run of conceding "freak" goals, last minute penalties when there is no visual of any foul taking place. Wonder goals from distance from players with poor attributes, even when the player is tightly marked and even if he did get a shot off there's no way the ball could have missed my defender on the trajectory it was on. Players "ghost" through other players, players with no discernable skills or pace defy the laws of physics. Its a disgrace that customers who come on here to point these things out are treated with disrespect and given abuse, when they speak out about the games blatant and many faults. I have even spoken to professional coders who have explained that the AI bias is absolutely 100% real, because the AI has been given the information to win(it doesn't learn it as the game goes along) its all to do with what choices WE make and if the AI needs to score 4 goals in injury time then it could if it wanted to, is the easy answer. Yet we are lambasted for pointing these things out??? Also absolute over the top testing on my part over many releases of FM clearly shows that even any minor amount of tweaking in game or otherwise, has a clear detrimental affect, not only to results on the pitch, but to how long it takes your players to familiarise themselves to your tactic. But clearly I'm a conspiracy theorist and that's what I'll always be seen as, because what I have to say goes against the narrative, however true any of what I say is.
  2. How do you want me to produce this data without anyone saying that it has been doctored in some fashion? As for "media prediction", in every save I've had every single team has EXACTLY the same media prediction season after season, no matter where they have finished in the league(maximum 4 seasons as I can't play the game beyond 4 seasons as it just gets more and more ridiculous) The promoted and relegated teams just switch, example West Ham first season MP 11th but relegated switches MP with one of the promoted sides. If I'm managing West Ham, lets say I finish 1st - 3rd - 1st - in season 4 our MP is still 11th
  3. I'm going to need more information, otherwise you could just turn around and say that I deliberately sabotaged the save. Is there a particular league you want me to play in? I usually play in the EPL but I'm happy to play elsewhere. I need to have an idea of the in game tweaks you make for whatever reason(pushing for an equaliser. Protecting a lead etc) Basically whatever you think that you do that I should do. This way I shouldn't be seeing the things that happen constantly in my game that apparently don't happen in yours. Like the last match I just played
  4. You sound genuine, but on the other hand you must realise that the sheer amount of information required would take up pages and pages on the forum and would literally take weeks/months to upload. Even then, I'd get the same responses from the same people, most notably those you mention above. This is not a cop out, but previous attempts have shown that no matter how much "proof" I post, it will never be enough. There are a couple of ways to clarify all of this without all the back and forth, but this would require cooperation from SI and lets face it, that is never going to happen. 1. Allow an independent access to the code - This is actually not essential, if we can all come to terms with the fact that the AI operates in the manner explained to me and however badly I've already explained it here and that is that the AI already has all the information it needs and it takes the necessary input from the human player to counteract it. Each and every one of you could do your own groundwork here to find that this is indeed fact. 2. One or indeed some of you set up some parameters in regard to testing. This could be whatever you want. Give me a tactic to test that so many of you claim that you don't see the kind of things I see and how to implement the decisions you would make and we'll see what happens? On a side note, #roykela has suggested that media prediction actually works in his game, whereas in mine my teams media prediction remains the same season after season. Apparently this was an issue, but I'm not aware if this was fixed or not in a previous update? My game updates automatically through steam every day, so it seems strange that this has not been fixed in my version?
  5. You'll never get it and the simple reason for that is because you don't want to. Nothing that you(or anyone else) have posted is proof of anything, all you bark on about is hearsay and propaganda. Did you know that wwfan used to release tactics? Not only that but he also claimed and posted a load of amazing fixtures and results that apparently he got from said tactics. Now if you are so keen to reminisce, then go and look back on the results other FM'ers were getting with the same set. All you got was a lot of 0-0 and 1-1 draws, nothing like the kind of results he achieved. These tactics were tested by other FM guru's who found that the results and matches wwfan said these tactics produced was impossible. They just weren't good enough to achieve what he claimed. What you cannot/will not grasp, is that I always test a whole myriad of tactics, some narrow, some wide, some counter, some aggressive, some negative and so many others in between, so for you to claim you have proven anything with a post about a narrow tactic I once used is absolutely laughable, as is most everything you post. My proof is from the horses mouth and that is that SI's claim that there is no AI bias is just not true and that is because the AI have all the information in the form of code to know how to react, whilst 99.999999999999% of human players only have minimal knowledge of how FM works and therefore would literally have to watch hundreds of thousands of full matches to get even a fraction of an idea of what works and when and all the thousands of other tweaks and changes that come with it. Now that's tricky enough, but I suppose over a period of a few years that may be possible, but only if you were doing so with the exact same ME but we have to contend with a dozen or more ME's per release, making it a ludicrously difficult task, even if you could play FM 24/7 for the rest of your life. It may well be true that the AI is coded to only use a small amount of basic instructions, that we are told gives US the upper hand, but nothing could be further from the truth, because the AI only needs to use basic instructions, as it has already been told how and when to use them, it is therefore on us to do and say all the right things and if we do, then we are occasionally rewarded, but its often an empty victory because we don't have any idea what we actually did to achieve it. Like it or not and believe who you want, but what I've described, however poorly, is the basis of how FM works.
  6. Practically none of your replies make the slightest bit of sense, do you have them all mixed up?
  7. The world has gone insane Practically nobody questions anything anymore For a start absolutely nobody other than the SI employees who's job it is to code the game know how the game is coded, or could even understand it, yet we are constantly expected to accept and believe that what we witness in the game is not only a true reflection of real life football, but by watching the matches you can actually determine potential issues within your tactic AND the ability to fix it. I'm well aware that this is a completely pointless waste of my time bothering to even post this, because all that happens here is SI, the mods and the most devoted of followers close ranks and actually try to make YOU seem like the crazy conspiracy theorist and that everybody else gets it, so why don't you? Case in point the % of how much more likely the AI is of scoring with their very first shot on target compared to the human manager. SI employees/moderators etc. focus completely on the actual % I've posted rather than the actual issue. This immediately makes people question the actual point I'm trying to make, instead of the actual matter at hand in which I'm not actually giving an actual % but instead attempting to point out that there is a massive gulf between the two and the % I gave could in fact be somewhat lower or higher than the % I used to describe the problem in the first place. That right there is the problem and the reason SI can get away with releasing a half assed game year after year. I'm sorry but that's the truth. As a brief example, the final release of the game this year doesn't even have a working media prediction. It remains the same every season. Now to me that's an immediate red flag because I cannot tell you how many times I've read on this forum how important it is to know how you are seen in the grand scheme of things by the other clubs, as this is how they decide how to set up tactically against you, so if my initial media prediction was 20th in the EPL and I actually won the league in my very first season(example) how does the AI view my team the very next season? Are we still relegation fodder, or potential champions again? SI can't have it both ways(well obviously they can and they defend it to the point of removing all the content they don't like or can explain) for example ccc's, how long have they been an issue? Nobody knows to this day how they are calculated(not even SI) yet they have been ever present in the game for as long as I can remember. If SI cannot explain how this statistic is calculated, then why does it remain part of the game? The simple answer is because of lazy programing. There is so little pressure on them to improve on what they already have, so we get the same old ME year after year with the odd tweak that usually makes things worse rather than better. To rub it in even more, you ask a question like "Why does my throw in taker deliberately throw the ball to the opposition, who then runs from his own half, through up to six or seven of my players like a knife through butter and finishes with aplomb every time?" Regardless of his ability/pace/technique, i should add. You then get the age old reply...."Its your tactics" or "Go to the tactics help area and we'll have a look at it for you" only to be told, guess what? Its your tactics. You can't have a CM on this mentality with a DLP on thus mentality whilst employing a positive mentality at the same time as blah blah blah. I could take that information to the 10 most regarded managers in the whole of the footballing world and each and every one of them would go This always leads to the age old question of "game bias". This is where it should get interesting, but its such a touchy subject with SI that it has never been explored. SI's bottom line is "its your tactics" accept it or go away. Now to me, if your intelligence is more than that of a rock, then you know that this is what links EVERYTHING together and is also the biggest red flag of all the red flags, flagging away on flag day in flag town. This subject is an absolute no no to SI. Ask SI to prove there is no AI bias and its Sayonara FM Forums and all privileges. They can however ask you to prove that there is AI bias, but you can't even begin to do that unless you are given access to the game code and are SI willing to have the game code scrutinised? I have had genuine conversations with actual human beings whose job it is to write code and each one immediately mentions "Parameters". These are obviously not set by the AI, this is done by a human being(I know you knew that) and it is these parameters that govern how A + B + Y = result(poor example) and whilst these parameters are still put in place by a human being, then there will always be manipulation. Believe it or not, I admit that this can actually work both ways. but for the human being to take advantage we would have to be given the sequence, for example - you are 3-0 down and it is possible to come back and win 4-3 but to do so you must do A: change mentality to ? B: change the role and duties of certain players C: change particular team/player instructions and voila, you have turned a 3-0 defeat into a 4-3 win. Now, the AI is already privy to all this information, it is just a matter of how, when or how often it is inclined to use it and those parameters are usually linked to how good that particular manager is rated. That's why you will often see big clubs(especially Liverpool) scoring 3 or 4 goals in injury time to turn games on there head. The lesser the quality of each particular member of staff, the more/less they can manipulate the outcomes of games. This is all connected of course to the choices you make, whether it be mentality, player roles, defensive line, team talk, all of these things and more and if you make all the right moves at the right time, then the AI are less likely to manipulate matches and results. It might seem daunting and difficult to understand(and the actual coding is just that) but I've tried to simplify and put in layman's terms what actually goes on and that part of it is very simple. I'm sure that this post and myself will now be removed, but I haven't divulged any big secrets here. Everyone should be aware that this is how AI works already and I'm sure in the near future this will be massively improved upon, but for now this is what we have and I suppose we just have to put up with it and carry on, but be assured that this is not "conspiracy theory" whether you like it or not, this is how Artificial Intelligence is incorporated into all games.
  8. I like to try interesting looking tactics, especially if they appear to be tight at the back and create a lot of CCC's I gave this half a season with Liverpool, but it didn't really work for me. It wasn't particularly solid at the back and it created very few CCC's It might just work better in Spain than in the EPL
  9. I've already done it all. I read and followed tons of advice when I made my own tactics. With lengthy testing I found out that by sticking to just one tactic at all times gives me the most consistency. I don't even change things if I need a goal or to hold onto a lead because testing shows this as completely pointless. Types of goals I concede... My attacking throw in, my player throws straight to the opposition and that player runs at least half the length of the pitch through 5 or 6 of my defenders regardless of ability or pace. Freak goals Set piece headers where an opposing 5"2 player with jumping 3 and heading 4 "towers" above my 6"4 centre back with 16 jumping and heading ability My players are facing the wrong way like he was chatting to his mate in the crowd and as such misses his interception Above is probably 80% of goals I concede
  10. No worries, although it does seem strange that I have collected statistics that show the AI are 1000% more likely to score with their first shot on goal than a human manager, tested with many tactics, teams and seasons, yet you show no interest. Its almost as if you were already aware?
  11. I don't know, maybe you are part of the inner circle and as such you know how the game is coded so you know how to avoid the pitfalls as you have all the answers. Seriously I don't know, but I do know that my testing is 100% correct, so maybe one of is not being completely honest. I've ran these tests with multiple different teams with multiple different tactics over multiple seasons, yet the outcome is always the same. You could try collecting your own similar stats.
  12. With all due respect it will make no difference, the game is coded to work a certain way and the stats I collect back up what I'm saying 100% We will never agree on the matter because you are always either going to believe what SI say, or you have to continue rolling out the rehearsed rhetoric.
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