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  1. Hi all I feel like this is the biggest complaint i have with the game, but i do wonder if its just me. I know there are set piece issue threads, but specifically i get annoyed with FM20 and FM21 when for corners my big CB with 'Mark Tall Player' ends up marking a 5ft 9inch player. Typically when this issue occurs, i notice it more as they score with some much taller player than the man my CB is marking gets a header from the corner to score, being marked by a smaller player of mine. I'd understand if there were only a couple of inches in it, so the decision who to mark isn't obvious.
  2. I feel your pain. Fair play for submitting so much, but the issue of players not following instructions has been there for years, and my senses tell me that it must not be fixable with the engine. On all set pieces, especially Corners for me, i cannot get players to mark Tall players. Todays last minute equaliser scored by the 6ft 4 CB being marked by my 5ft 9 left back whilst my two CB's are marking a 6ft and 5ft 9in player respectively is typical of my biggest complaint. However i stopped playing FM20 for exact same reason
  3. This is quite common so figure its already been flagged, but an issue over multiple versions of the game is set piece instructions being ignored, making the setting up pre-game quite pointless, which is worse as its quite time-consuming as well. This one to defend throw ins on the left side i have asked only 1 player to stay forward, all others go back with one on the edge. Last seconds against a big team. Why o why has 1 player ignored that and decided we should commit to 2 up tops? I have gone pretty defensive, and even if i was all out attack i would expect them to follow the se
  4. Happens to me. Three times in 3 seasons i believe. Think it jerks when you make a sub in main tactics screen, and maybe a highlight is generated or ends. It seems to think you have made the sub when you haven't. Therefore you still have 11 on the pitch, but the guy you subbed hasn't been replaced, but the system seems to think you have and it counts as one of your 3 subs. I will save it next time it happens
  5. Checking if this is a bug. I looked through the forum and haven't seen this type mentioned already. Tom Ince is offside the whole way through, shot comes in, hits my CB and there he is to tap in. I checked my referee booklet and this offside. The only way it isn't is if my CB had the amazing reactions to see the shot and decide purposely to head it backwards, not knowing the forward is there. I don't think my boy has superhero reactions from what i know of him. Also i think most would call offside anyway as it would only really be onside if my CB was looking to pass back to my keeper deli
  6. I think you are right. Never been a dirty manager in 22 years of this game. I also have high line, not extreme pressing but more often than not 1 notch above normal. No dirtbags playing in my team either. Must have just had some over-excited lads as we are over-achieving. If it happens again i may ask the Tactics forum if i am doing anything to have that happen. As i said, i am now back to having roughly a 3rd of the amount of fouls vs opponents yet equal or more yellows (no reds either way), but i was used to that from FM20 and FM15
  7. Your situation sounds similar to mine. FM15 i played right up until lockdown so that's probably 5 years no change, then felt i might have time on my hands and went FM20. I liked all the changes outside of the matchday so that kept me from going back, but some of the game-day stuff was really frustrating. Played for ages in a career save (2039 i think), but by the end i was really fed up and only playing because i was waiting for this last patch to come out for FM21. Set pieces was the main killer for me on FM20, alongside some other things but i can live with that as its only a game. Howe
  8. Hi forum I was brought FM21 for Xmas and just waiting for last patch before i get started. Can anyone who has played FM21 regularly tell me what the situation is with set pieces in this years game? I am mainly interested in whether defensively players follow instructions throughout the game. I had to give up on FM2O as i couldn't keep managing teams who ignore me, thereby wasting my precious time i could be spending doing nothing else during lockdown. Essentially, if i ask my CB 's to mark a tall player, will they do that, or continue to mark the 5th tallest player in the b
  9. I feel your pain. Set Pieces have been my main issue with FM20. However, as has been said, i know its a 'wait and see' scenario. I wouldn't expect them to specifically say all that has been changed, if anything, in the match engine. Even if it that specifically has been improved, there could always be issues with something else. Also from my investigations on this forum and the Tactics forum, not everyone experiences the same Set Piece issues i do, like 'Mark Tall Player' meaning nothing for corners. I'll probs keep my eye on the forums, see what peeps say, see if there is a workaround to an i
  10. I definitely wish it was as simple as watch and learn. I have played for quite a few seasons now with 2 different teams, watching every game on extended highlights. I am not sure how i can tweak my systems when i specifically train for set piece defending before every game, instruct my players to do specific jobs, and then watch as the one time they appear to ignore it, we concede. Even a system that post-game allowed me to 'call them out' on it would purely be to try and cool my anger down as it would have no actual benefit. I even now buy players specifically to defend set pieces to try and
  11. If you look at my past posts re:FM20, they are set piece related. I have tried lots of different things, including getting help from the tactics forum. However i have come to terms with it being 1 of 2 things. 1) I don't understand what the instructions actually mean on set pieces, and/or 2) there are glitches in the system. Had too many examples to speak off, but the one that happened just now was a wide free kick against me. I set up to have 5 players marking all the zones you are allowed to mark. This is something i wouldn't normally do but it was suggested on tactics forum to help me
  12. Set Piece change. Played FM2015 for ages and although it had faults, at least when i brought a player on with 10 mins to go i could do a quick check of what he was doing for set pieces, and make quick adjustment so he isn't marking a tall player like the chap he was replacing, maybe because he was 5ft 6. Now i skipped to FM20 and if i want to do the same sub, i have to go into set pieces and check something like 12 different set piece instructions to ensure i am not going to get caught out. I'm too lazy for that, and even if i wasn't it still seems a bit extreme compared to FM15. Actually
  13. Thanks everyone. I can take from this that Edge of the Box is a little glitchy itself, so probably just keep one guy there and see him as a counter opportunity rather than to help defend. I will get my 3 best/tall defenders to mark zones for a while as see how that works as rossenori suggest. PermanantQuandry', are your 3 zonal markers your best/tallest defenders? Historically i never mark posts, rarely i will do one post. I never have seen the benefit as they don't tend to do anything and i always see me outnumbered in the box so assume i need more bodies marking. I will give
  14. I mentioned this is the Tactics forum so maybe someone will come back to both of us, but i often have that problem as well, and have done for at least 6-7 versions of the game. I honestly think there isn't anything that can be done. In real football you ALWAYS say to mark the thrower when its anywhere near the box, even at a very low level. There is no way to make that instruction to a player in FM, thereby leaving often the thrower free for a pass back and options of run into space, cross, run into box etc. Hopefully i am wrong, but i think its just one of those things. Good news is
  15. Hi all I have been on the general forum recently and had some help with defending corners and free kicks. I can't download peoples own settings due to laptop issues so unfortunately those people who have been kind enough to try and help, i couldn't utilize their knowledge. Quick explanation - I am terrible at defending corners, free kicks and short throw ins. I have been two different teams, and have the same results. On discussion in the General Forum, i understand now that part of this is due to a glitch in the game. Certain aspects like asking defenders to 'Mark Tall Players' in-e
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