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  1. Thanks everyone. I can take from this that Edge of the Box is a little glitchy itself, so probably just keep one guy there and see him as a counter opportunity rather than to help defend. I will get my 3 best/tall defenders to mark zones for a while as see how that works as rossenori suggest. PermanantQuandry', are your 3 zonal markers your best/tallest defenders? Historically i never mark posts, rarely i will do one post. I never have seen the benefit as they don't tend to do anything and i always see me outnumbered in the box so assume i need more bodies marking. I will give it a go and see if i have missed a trick here. If i then have 1 up top and 1 on the edge that would leave 3 players i haven't set instructions for, who i will decide on their stats who can 'go back' and who can perhaps specifically mark (but not tall player!). Bunkerossian, sounds like you have bypassed my issue which makes me very jealous. Hopefully my new setup above which doesn't have 'mark tall player' anymore will mean i also get a bit luckier
  2. I mentioned this is the Tactics forum so maybe someone will come back to both of us, but i often have that problem as well, and have done for at least 6-7 versions of the game. I honestly think there isn't anything that can be done. In real football you ALWAYS say to mark the thrower when its anywhere near the box, even at a very low level. There is no way to make that instruction to a player in FM, thereby leaving often the thrower free for a pass back and options of run into space, cross, run into box etc. Hopefully i am wrong, but i think its just one of those things. Good news is it also happens for us as the player - of course you will mainly remember when it leads to a goal against you, and immediate forgot when it benefits you - or at least i do!
  3. Hi all I have been on the general forum recently and had some help with defending corners and free kicks. I can't download peoples own settings due to laptop issues so unfortunately those people who have been kind enough to try and help, i couldn't utilize their knowledge. Quick explanation - I am terrible at defending corners, free kicks and short throw ins. I have been two different teams, and have the same results. On discussion in the General Forum, i understand now that part of this is due to a glitch in the game. Certain aspects like asking defenders to 'Mark Tall Players' in-explicitly mean he thinks he should mark the 5ft 11 winger, leaving my 5ft 11 CM marking the 6ft 4 monster from my opponents, who scores an easy header. Free Kicks i can ask players to do certain jobs, and find them standing in random places, sometimes often out on the wing in the full back slot where there are no players and where the ball will not be going too. Defending throw ins that aren't long i know have been a problem forever, where the thrower can just get a pass back from his team mate and therefore waltz down the line or into the box - meanwhile my full back has decided he is better of marking a roaming CM in the middle of the park rather than keep his position or mark someone nearer to his position. I was a decent Goalie myself and every game i would shout 'mark the thrower!'. Seems this isn't viable in FM! A few people have sent in the reply to my question how they set up for set pieces and put them in a format i can use, i.e in a reply to a message like this. Of course we all have different players etc, but i was hoping for a system that meant at the very least i would concede a few less of these 'glitch' goals. Most recently i was given one where essentially all 5 zones are marked, with 2 up tops still, one guy on the edge of the box, and remaining player marking a tall guy. I went into a new season with renewed hope - i have played 8 games now, conceded 4 from corners and 2 from IDF. The throw in goal i have described happened twice! Now, if the ball goes right into the zone where one of my players is, the opposition appears able to easily win the header, even if he's also being marked by my other guy. I know nobody can help with the throw in, but does anyone have a simple Corner set up to perhaps help me a little so i can get started? I am clearly an idiot with FM20 as never had this problem since the match engine came in to FM / CM. I must be missing something, and its really ruining my enjoyment . I even brought tall full backs who i normally wouldn't go for purely to stem the flow of corners conceded. It hasn't worked. Man for Man means nothing it appears for my lads. Is there a really good starter corner defend routine that will do me well? I appreciate i could just be unlucky and be the manager of two teams who will always concede most corners in the league, but surely there is some way i can manage it better? I again will ignore the glitch ones where CB doesn't mark tall player. Reading my message back i am pretty sure that its just me being bad and not learning, and also there isn't a guarantee system as SI would never invent that. But is there something i can do where i utilize 'go back' instruction? Do i need a person to stay forward for a counter when i don't really care about that - is it required to make defending easier though as otherwise the opposition can chuck another man forward? Does mark Tall player have any real affect (ignoring a glitch here and there'), or should my tallest players being marking zones? Edge of area player tends to just stand there and not move even if the ball is going back out to an opponent. What are the main stats i need them to have to stop this? Is there a way to make 2 players be on the edge of the area but covering two different spaces rather than being on each others toes, as i do also tend to concede even when i have actually headed away a corner, as it tends to fall directly to one of their guys who shoots / plays a pass to a guy wide of whom my defence has decided to not mark anymore I'll end with the fact that i probably wouldn't mind as much if i also scored from similar goals - CB being marked by a midget, having a player free who my taker can pick out as all the defence are marking zones - but i cant even remember the last corner i scored from! I might cheekily ask if anyone has a set corner routine they succeed from with different teams in an attacking sense? Annoyingly i cant do screenshots as my game is on personal laptop. Any help will be appreciated!
  4. Yes, i am up there with FM's biggest fan since 93 on the Amiga, but i am starting to think this isnt just my shoddy management. Chelsea's 3rd was a corner and again it came from the side i didnt amend. My tallest player designated to Mark Tall Player was marking the 5ft 8 striker. Meanwhile once CB for Chelsea won his header again my 5ft 10 CM and it went to the other CB who nodded it in. He was up against my other CB at least and just bossed him. There is no way stats or morale or anything else can justify why after 2 seasons of doing the same defensive routine with multiple training sessions that my big CB will decide that 5ft 8 striker is who i meant by 'Mark Tall Player'!
  5. I will add that Kane was also marked by a similar sized player to himself so i still would have hoped between the 2 of my guys they might have stopped him having a tap in, but i can put that down to bad defending. What does affect my enjoyment is the non-compliance of set piece instructions when I buy players based around trying to concede less and also have to spend a couple of minutes pre-game sorting out, which i don't find much fun anyway. At least mark the people i want you too! Typically i just tried your style for my next game away at Chelsea, but i only did it for left corners and kept my old style for right. Opening goal came from a corner on the right. However it wasn't a goal from the corner precisely as the first header we actually won. It just landed to a Chelsea player near the edge. My player marking Tomori decided it better to join his colleague and charge down the opponent who has his back to goal, leaving Tomori free as a bird to receive a pass wide and smash a belter into the far post from a tight angle. I guess that is progress in a way! Next game i will do both sides as you describe! I clearly am terrible at this
  6. Against Spurs the first goal was right were i have a 5ft 9 midfielder zonally marking who Harry Kane just walked in front off. Based on the set piece discussed above, my right CB would have been there instead. I'll give it a go along with Madsheeps tactic
  7. Thank you for that. I will send it to my personal laptop and give it a go. Really appreciate the help. In my game i will pretend i went to watch an esteemed coach in Italy to learn how they do it, and came back to Nottingham with some fresh ideas!
  8. I have what i would class as a 4-2-3-1. No DM's so 2 CM's although i tend to have one defensive who, once i got deeper into the game and realised i was conceding a lot of set pieces, i ensure is at least 6ft even if he isn't as good as some smaller options. The 3 is an AM and two Wingers. Hope that makes sense. Should mention that i again do my upmost to ensure the two fullbacks have heading and a bit of height as i noticed not only were corners going in, but they lost a lot of back post headers from crosses. I would probably prefer a pacey Bobby Carlos but as a Goalkeeper myself, its all about the clean sheets!
  9. Thanks for this. To clarify for someone like me who needs hand-holding with defending corners, you have essentially the 3 tallest players zonally marking the six yard box, so right next to each other, or more specifically 1) Zonally Mark Six Yard Box Near Centre, 2) Zonally Mark Six Yard Box Centre, 3) Zonally Mark Six Yard Box Far Centre? It doesn't matter who is doing 1, 2 or 3 out of the 3 tall guys? Just lost 3-1 to Spurs, who i should be losing too, but it was 2 corners and one Indirect Free Kick. Makes me feel like if i can sort this, i can pick up points against these bigger teams.
  10. Thanks for the advice. Part of me as an actual football manager cant bring myself to do that. My 2 CB's are always monsters, and i cant help but want to be telling them all week at training ''you two mark the two tallest guys who come forward, everyone else mark whoever you can and lets have a couple of zones sorted''. If i don't actually tell them to mark Tall Player, and the big CB for the opponents score, i will be sat in front of my laptop as the one the blame! At least this way i can put it down to some kind of glitch and not feel like a failure! I have gone half way and only have my tallest player with 'Mark Tall player', everyone else who i would like to mark has 'go back' except my second tallest player who has 'Man Mark'. Typically at home to Burnley just now in my first game since submitting my post here, my tall guy decided to mark the 6ft midfielder. My other CB with just 'Mark Player' marked the 6ft 2 CB and my 5ft 10 CM with 'go back' marked the other 6ft 2 CB. Of course the corner was right on the head of the guy against my CM and he scored with ease. This time the size difference isn't too bad, but i would still expect the one guy who has been told to mark Tall Player to pick up at least 1 of the 2 tallest opponents. Hey ho, back to the training ground where i will continue to give instructions to what appears to be a group of brick walls
  11. Ok, sounds like it might be a glitch in terms of the instructions not matching what happens, rather than an Engine thing. Would you suggest then not having any defender with 'mark tall player', and have all players i want marking people as 'go back'?
  12. Didn't think this was worthy of a new topic as it may be either a bug or a problem with my tactics. Be good for the opinion of people on this Match Engine thread. I can stop pulling my hair out if it is a glitch. Multiple times now i concede from free kicks, mainly indirect wide ones. I have watched highlights of each slowly, and have noted that a lot of the time my CB with instructions to mark tall player ends up making a 5ft 11 winger, my other CB i keep on man mark will be looking after someone else maybe 6ft, and then one of my tall-ish players with a 'go back' instruction end up marking the 6ft 5 CB of the opponents. Of course he powers in and scores. Is that a tactics things or is it a known set piece issue? I defo concede a lot of them, but never most in the league at the end of the season. Reading these forums i can tell they are a bit 'off', but so i can learn and move on, is this me setting up set piece defending wrong? As i have to spend a dull 5 minutes fixing them all pre-game if i make even one player change, it would be lovely to actually have them understand what i am trying to say. If it is tactics, is there a way i can do it to the AI to make it fairer? Get my tallest player to be marked by a their 5th best player in the air? Thanks
  13. Brilliant. Just re-instated my profile after 4 years just to say this is hilarious, and it pretty much describes how my players react to my long shot instructions, the arrogant sausages
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