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  1. Sure, the only thing in between both screenshots was me pressing continue once. Quite a funny kick in the teeth email to recieve instead! @Tony Garvey
  2. @Tony Garvey thanks for being in touch so quickly. I have uploaded the new save, under 'Rob Bell - Notts County.fm' I suppose I could just start saves with the maximum badges and experience, but as I'm sure you understand, that is somewhat besides the point of lower league saves I guess. It really might be something on my end, I'm near certain I ran into the same issue on FM20 as well but didn't look into it with anyone. Anyway, thanks again and I look forward to hearing from you regardless.
  3. @Tony Garvey back again unfortunately! I have started a new save and am running into the same issue again, although I am still able to ask the question on the original save, though it's worth noting I haven't progressed from that point since then. I have asked about it in a couple of community discords and seem to be the only one to have had this issue. I'm just reluctant to have to delete the cache and preference settings each time because I obviously lose my entire game layout and preferences which takes some time to set up again. Not sure if there is any more you can do but figure
  4. Hi again @Tony Garvey Thanks for having a look at it, it is strange that it was denied, not least because we are actually performing well in the league! Clearing the cache and preferences did work thank you very much! Hopefully won't be a problem from here on in. Thanks again for your help.
  5. @Tony Garvey thanks for being in touch. I have uploaded my save game via the link provided, the file name is 'Rob Bell - IF Brommapojkarna.fm' Thanks again in advance.
  6. I am in my second season IF Brommapojkarna in Sweden and started there with the recommended badges and experience. Across both seasons I have had ample money in the bank and when asking for a new coaching badge I am told the board will get back to me about it as expected. They have never gotten back to me but I am always able to ask for the badge. Thanks for any help in advance.
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