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  1. Many thanks @John Kendall-Torry. I'll keep an eye out for a reply from the relevant team. Have a great evening and stay safe!
  2. Hey @Marat, I'm assuming this is on PC/Mac? Have you tried deleting Cache+Preferences from the Game Files? It might be worth checking task manager to see how much memory and processing power is being used when playing. There is the obvious fixes: • Both host and player restarting their devices • Rebooting routers • Running a speed test to ensure that your computer speeds are not only hitting reasonable download speeds but also consistent low latency/ping • Do either of you have custom graphics installed? (i.e. facepacks, team logo's or kits?) These may be interfer
  3. I manually updated the network adaptor driver, cleaned up the reg files with CCleaner and gave ProcMon a go. Overall, this was inconclusive and we did not solve our issue. I'm truly stumped. Results from our Process Monitor: • RegQuery - NAME NOT FOUND "HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Parameters\Interfaces\{35a08594-7f8b-11ea-8fc8-806e6f6e6963}\EnableDhcp" This process within FM.exe cannot be executed as it cannot be found. This is a repeated error throughout the trace. ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Attemp
  4. I haven't encountered this myself. I'm assuming this is on PC/Mac? All I can suggest is that he deletes his preferences and cache folders. When he goes to Game Status does it list Liga NOS as an included (playable) league in the list of Leagues?
  5. This suggests that it is not a Network problem unless you and your friend have Strict NAT Types. Opening the ports to Football Manager on your routers may be a solution? I'm not an expert so please take my advice with a pinch of salt! It is strange that you can join other people but not each other; perhaps one of you has accidentally blocked the other? I have analysed some more Network Traces tonight. My friend has a lot of re-transmitted packets; a lot of 'ACK' (acknowledge) issues suggesting high packet loss and lost data. It appears that when he attempts to join our game he is communic
  6. This does seem to be relatively common with no fix! I'm currently trying to rule out network issues on our end. Can you confirm whether you are connected via wired or wireless? As mentioned earlier: Manually assigning DNS, disabling IPv6 and uninstalling his VPN have not solved the issue. He is not in a position to move his computer closer to the router to connect via Ethernet until the weekend. However, the fact that my friend can discover games and that we're almost at the end of troubleshooting options for networking is making me think it could be a memory or processing issue. I'll hav
  7. Update: As I said, I am trying to keep this updated with our attempted solutions in order to help others encountering the same problem listed above. We have conducted a range of network trace samples on what is actually happening behind the scenes when attempting to join a series of different online games. After spending multiple fun hours analysing network packets, we have arrived at two different potential solutions although they are by no means conclusive as there didn't seem to be any evident errors and we are definitely not experts in networking. There may be no errors because t
  8. I had this on FM 2020. If I remember correctly, doing the double for a second time finally triggered the Achievement for me? This was managing in the Premier League. I'm sure you're probably thinking, "ahh s&!t, here we go again". Just a little bug! Hopefully SI pick up on it Stay safe!
  9. Yeah... it's really not great as Support sent me here under the premise I would get quick responses from SI. However, I echo your comments above; avid FM player since 2013 - brilliant every year and it keeps on getting better! I also cannot see the Live League Table in Online Games and see also see duplicate scores in the Latest Score; but these sort themselves post game once a friend has finished their game. It doesn't prevent gameplay, just a little bug! Fingers crossed we get acknowledged soon! Stay safe!
  10. Apologies, I misunderstood the "he is not eligible" - I read it as he is ineligible due to being red carded, not ineligible for other reasons - such as already playing for another team in the EFL in the season. In that case I don't know; maybe whether you're eligible for a competition or not is unrelated to serving a match ban? I don't know the technicalities on that one!
  11. I have uploaded our Save in anticipation that I may have been asked to sooner or later. File Name: Louis Connor - Southend United; uploaded at 9:30am, 11/01/2021.
  12. The suspension applies to all English Domestic competitions, including Cup games - therefore he served his suspension by sitting out your EFL game! ... unless he was available for selection. Then there would be a problem!
  13. Hey SI Support & Community, I hope you are all safe and well. I know that technical issues should be submitted via the SEGA ticketing facility, however, I was told: My friend has recently purchased FM 2021 to join our Online Save which is now 7 seasons in. The problem is that he cannot get past the "Loading Online Game..." prompt upon entering the password. This appears to be a relatively common issue with no clear solution. Therefore, if anyone has any ideas and the time to share some potential solutions it would be much appreciated. I will briefly explain the situa
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