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  1. Not tried this exact set-up but I haven't been able to get that movement in this years game so far. With stay wider in my attempts they only 'stayed wider' when they pushed up
  2. This one! Still not 100% on the BWM but feel that he gives me good balance so keeping it as is for the time being
  3. Thanks for all the help everyone - I've finally got a system that I'm happy with (pretty much). If anyone has any more suggestions or updates keep em coming! This thread has been great
  4. My understanding is: Tempo dictates how quickly you try to move the ball from back to front passing length is the sort of ‘risk’ of passes. Shorter passes are safer but offer less penetration and more direct passing is less safe but offers more penetration Width is how far your players will be spaced horizontally. The idea of wider play may be to stretch the opposition to create space, but passing is then more difficult because of the distance. More narrow width keeps your players closer together, making it easier to keep the ball, but can potentially be easier to defe
  5. I've been playing a draft to test tactics and this is doing really well so far. r There's quite a few PI's so bear with me here: CBs - stay wider. I've noticed that the regista will drop in-between them when needed to help play out, but will maintain the 2-2 when not needed. Either of the DMs will drift out wide when the CWB pushes up to help progress the ball too. BWM - Hold position. I don't want this guy all over the place and regista has roam hard coded. This role may still change but it definitely helps press higher up the pitch and cover the regista.
  6. https://deanalyserendetrainer.com/2018/10/20/het-ajax-van-erik-ten-hag-tactische-analyse/ found this whilst looking for info last night - really useful for context of when Ajax use certain combinations
  7. How're the SS & F9 doing? I've always liked the idea of that combination but never got it firing
  8. This is great. I think the main problem I've found with the ME is that the other CM/DM tends to stay further to their 'side' and not centrally, which funnels the play the same direction when you play out. I with their was a 'sit central' instruction...
  9. I'm managing to get decent results using stay wider on either a HB or a DLP(D) in the DM strata paired with a RPM. 3 AMs all on attack duty and a CF(S). I know it sounds a bit 'wrong' to have all 3AMs on attack but so far so good. Will get some screenshots done when I get chance. Here's a quick one: I'm still messing with TI's but the idea of narrow and focus through middle is to funnel the ball through the DMs and allow the WB's to get higher without the CBs looking for them every time as some others have said on this thread. I've sometimes gone to maximum closing down intens
  10. Looks great. The same 4-2-2-2 you posted early in the thread?
  11. I did think the same when uploading those screenshots... Exactly, the ME has some frustrating limitations to be fair. I'd love to be able to alternate which CM/ DM drops depending on where the ball is or be able to choose specifically for them to drop centrally or wide of the CBs in build up. So many teams do it IRL now it's hopefully something they can do in the future
  12. Like I Sorry, should have said - when the ball in on the opposite side (screenshots below) Makes total sense when on the side of the ball like the screenshot of Lille. It's working sometimes, not others for me. Like I say it's more about consistency. Pjanic is no.8 here. CM(D).
  13. I'm struggling to get the 3-1 shape consistently on FM21, has anybody tried it on this years game? The CM(D) seems to push too high and wide for my when we're attacking just leaving the 2 CBs exposed. Has anyone else had any luck?
  14. Going back to the Ajax pic at the top of the thread, I love the way Tadic and Van De Beek played together a couple of season ago but never been able to replicate that AND score goals before. I'd like something similar with Messi and Griezmann
  15. Solid! Do you have PI's on the WMs? I like the idea of Messi and Greizmann as a F9 and AF/ PF(A)...
  16. Look great. Are you getting good results? My 4-2-3-1 version seems a little tame despite achieving the shape
  17. Quick update: New variation of the system: Using @Lordluap's ideas about manipulating space with PI's I've set every defender to 'stay wider' to give us what I'd consider quite a 'true' 3-1 in build up. 2 wins out of 2 so far but against weaker oppo in Getafe and Castellon (cup). Very small sample size and worried I'll be too vulnerable on the counter but we'll see.. May be a coincidence but using the SV on attack duty seems to give more space for the HB to drop centrally with the SV pushing higher. Will keep going and update when I get chance
  18. Thanks for all the info, going to have a play this weekend and see what comes out. The 2 CM strata appeals to me massively so hoping I can get it working!
  19. Ironically I had a short lived journeyman save where my first job was Lille earlier in FM21. Couldn't get a tune out of them then the squad turned on me! Look forward to any screenshots you can get across. Gonna give the CM(D)'s a whirl when I get chance
  20. UPDATE: Getting even closer: Beat Bilbao 2-0 using this. Best result so far with these tactic tests (always v Bilbao). Dominating performance too. Work ball into box helped stop my CWB's spamming crosses. Thanks for all the help so far everyone - tried to incorporate plenty of your ideas
  21. Do you think overload is the reason why the wingbacks are so high? I felt like they were always too deep when they were in that strata for me but was on positive/ balanced. I tried them on attack duties but the attacks seemed to go through them too much
  22. Bloody hell this got some traction! Thanks for all the replies guys - gonna have a play tonight and see what comes out.
  23. I think it's maybe something to do with the deep double pivot - I had a similar problem a few days ago. Guessing it's because there's no space in that zone on the tactics screen despite the role roaming etc
  24. Thanks for the reply! Let me know how you get on with that^, would be interested to find out. From what I've tried so far the RPM way get drawn towards the ball making it a 4 instead of a 3 but I could be wrong. What's the thinking with the IWB, just to cover the RPM and W(A)? I've had a little more luck pushing the fullbacks into the WB strata's. Gonna experiment with the front 4 and see what comes out..
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