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  1. Okay it looks like a bug they are aware of the issue
  2. I'm having this same issue with my usa/mls. Pre-season friendlies are set and played in 2020 febuary but nothing after that for the rest of the year then the regulkar season starts in 2021 ?
  3. I have a division with 4 sub divisions that has a champions playoff tor the winners of each subdivision but I also want the top 4 teams from each subdivision promoted to the higher division. I set it up this way but the game promotes the teams but it doesnt run the champions play off ?
  4. What are Competition Reputation overrides in the information drop down menu for a nation? and when would they be useful to use?
  5. I liked the FM19 editor it was less buggy as suggested above the tool tip was implemented in a sloppy way plus you cant copy and paste text from a field like you can in previous editors I hope SI focus on fixing existing issues over adding new features next year Some issues these issues have been in the editor for years but have not been addressed
  6. dim13 created a 60 and 56 team MLS for FM15
  7. I've created a 512 team US pyramid that has 16 regional summer cups that run under 'other division' section of the rules. The winner of these should be entered into the US Open Cup of the same year but in my file, the US Open Cup only picks up teams from the prior year. Could someone take a quick look at it and see what the problem is, please? __test512_v0055.fmf
  8. Has anyone implemented a super draft in a league outside the MLS? The option seems available but I wondering if you could actually do it?
  9. disappointing I won't be trying too many long saves with these regens looking like this I understand that Sometimes you have to go backward in order to go forward but we are on the third edition of the game where the Regens arent varied enough/ look like they came from the same family tree. SI ought to rethink the idea of making regens 3d instead of 2d if they are not going implement it in a way that's an actual improvement over what we had in fm16. What's the point in implementing a feature that uses more resources but provides less quality? They already had an efficient system f
  10. Its seems like your manager avatar has more variations in hairstyle and facial hair than the regen players. Maybe those 3d models can be reconfigured for use with the player regens?
  11. Why is the name a different color from the number on certain kits?
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