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  1. DaSilva9

    Editor Help - MLS and Conferences

    check out this thread
  2. DaSilva9

    Regen hair

    Its seems like your manager avatar has more variations in hairstyle and facial hair than the regen players. Maybe those 3d models can be reconfigured for use with the player regens?
  3. when you make a player or nonplayer a legend or favored personnel in the editor it doesn't translate into the game Its completely ignored
  4. Thanks for the responses Your solutions helped
  5. The name on the back of kits is the wrong color. Roma does not have yellow lettering. They should match the number there seems to be an overall problem with teams that have yellow, green and orange numbers
  6. Why is the name a different color from the number on certain kits?
  7. DaSilva9

    FM 2018 - Editor News

    It seems like there wasn't a major feature added on the surface but the more I look through the advanced editor rules the more I'm seeing more stuff that wasn't there last year
  8. I'm noticing that the facegens generated by fm17 are all the same face I hope it wont be this way when the full game is released
  9. DaSilva9

    [FM16 Editor] How to fix Unique ID can be copied ?

    has anyone figured out how to do this in fm16?
  10. check this thread http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/448391-FM15-Editor-Cup-Final-Neutral-Stadium-Setting-Not-Working-(Advanced-Rules)
  11. If anyone figures out how to do this could you post the file?
  12. DaSilva9

    NASL Split season

    this thread has the nasl in the split season format http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/442637-FM16-The-United-States-Project
  13. Thanks, that is what I ended up doing I recreated the 10 teams with the eastern teams first then the western teams after and it worked Atlanta United FC Miami Fusion Indy Eleven Charlotte Independence A.C. St. Louis Los Angeles FC Minnesota United FC San Antonio Scorpions Sacramento Republic FC Arizona United SC
  14. I got dim13s 30 team mls file working in fm16 but I cant keep Sacramento republic, San Antonio scorpions and Minnesota united in the western conference or Atlanta, St. Louis is there a way to keep teams in a certain group?
  15. is the Canadian championship still active?