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  1. FM 2018 - Editor News

    It seems like there wasn't a major feature added on the surface but the more I look through the advanced editor rules the more I'm seeing more stuff that wasn't there last year
  2. I'm noticing that the facegens generated by fm17 are all the same face I hope it wont be this way when the full game is released
  3. [FM16 Editor] How to fix Unique ID can be copied ?

    has anyone figured out how to do this in fm16?
  4. check this thread http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/448391-FM15-Editor-Cup-Final-Neutral-Stadium-Setting-Not-Working-(Advanced-Rules)
  5. If anyone figures out how to do this could you post the file?
  6. NASL Split season

    this thread has the nasl in the split season format http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/442637-FM16-The-United-States-Project
  7. Thanks, that is what I ended up doing I recreated the 10 teams with the eastern teams first then the western teams after and it worked Atlanta United FC Miami Fusion Indy Eleven Charlotte Independence A.C. St. Louis Los Angeles FC Minnesota United FC San Antonio Scorpions Sacramento Republic FC Arizona United SC
  8. I got dim13s 30 team mls file working in fm16 but I cant keep Sacramento republic, San Antonio scorpions and Minnesota united in the western conference or Atlanta, St. Louis is there a way to keep teams in a certain group?
  9. is the Canadian championship still active?
  10. Thanks for the help I tried that and it fixed the error but now I getting error saying that no round information is found in stage 2 but if I look at stage 2 there is round information
  11. The funny thing is initially the files worked just fine. I was able to use the NFL and MLB files without any problems but at some point they stopped working? I wonder if there was some sort of editor update or change since august that impacted the way the files worked?
  12. Love these files but recently I have had a problem getting most of these files to verify in the editor The MLS.60.Teams.4.Divisions.v06.fmf and the MLS.30.Teams_v01.fmf work fine but the others bring up errors like "did not find ranking level information..." I was wondering if it could be the result of an update to the editor or a problem specific to to my computer(like a corrupt install) Is anyone else having these issues?
  13. Does anyone know how to have a specific stadium for a cup final in advanced rules? or is it bugged
  14. / FM 15 Skins / Alavanja 15 Madness Dark / Light

    I think maybe Ive found the answer looking at another forum People experiencing this crash should move their tactics folder from my documents or delete it that appears to have solved the problem
  15. / FM 15 Skins / Alavanja 15 Madness Dark / Light

    I spoke too soon still having issues with crashes