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  1. On 08/01/2021 at 17:58, Longhorn said:

    I play MLS all the time.  I think the key for most people who have problems is learning how to deal with the salary cap.  Learning how and when to use things like GAM are important and it is also important to know that MLS is a development league and currently can not support a roster of expensive players.  Even MLS veterans need to be moved on as their salary demands increase.  In real life teams are learning that they must develop youth players and then sell them on.  For example, Philadelphia just sold a player to Red Bull Salzburg and one to Genk, and Juventus is currently offering $9.2 million to Dallas for a right back that has only played first team for about a year.  These kids all played for their MLS teams for a lot less than imported stars make.

    Can you use the club's TAM as well, I can't seem to figure out how to use that resource?

  2. On 03/01/2021 at 19:12, psydhawwrth said:

    I’m new to the game and I started a save with the Columbus Crew in MLS. The squad was already above the salary cap, but I was able to buy down the cap impact of most of my starters. I also waived six or so players before the season started. Now, when I try to sign someone, the game tells me that I’m above the salary cap with 0 players in (the screenshot shows one player, but even with 0 players in it’s like $5.5m or something). Is there something I’m missing? If I was able to get below the salary cap to start the season, how am I above the salary cap now?


    Same issue for me, very frustrating, kind of takes the fun out of the game when your home league seems impossible to play.

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