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  1. Is there a way for someone who bought FM touch to upgrade to the full version without paying the full price again? And if not, is the upgrade worth it? More below on my experience of the game so far. So, I bought my first fm copy last year with football manager 2020 and enjoyed the touch version much more, since it was simpler and faster. Also, I hated playing out the matches since they were not very fun to watch (very choppy animations), so I just played the whole game on commentary only, eventually got bored quite quickly and switched to touch. Since I did enjoy touch a lot
  2. Many people appear to be having a problem where they cant move players from B-A team. I appear to have a version of this bug where I can move the player, but returns back to the b team after every match, if they are not in the starting squad. If they start however, they stay in the A team. Very frustrating to need to fish an increasing numbers of players from the b back to a team every game. Playing with Barcelona, which only has an A and B team, and dont know if anyone knows any work arounds I can use to avoid this issue.
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