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  1. Hi @Harrison Modeste Thanks for the update and the well wishes, the league position is a one off I swear! (I destroyed the league competition last year). Kind regards, Callum
  2. Hi Harrison, I replied to this but think I accidentally hid the reply. The save is uploaded under the file name ‘2 man save.fmt’. I should mention, I have tried to remove and re-add the league but no luck so far. Thanks, Callum
  3. Hi, I am currently doing an online save and in charge of Barcelona in 2023. My B team is in second division pro A however there are no fixtures for this league. It seems the league was introduced in the 2021/22 season and my B team are listed as the winners for the league for the past two seasons. The issue is there has been no promotion to the Spanish second division (and no relegation from it) for any team so my B team are stuck in a division that has no fixtures listed. thanks, Callum
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