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1 "What we've got here is a failure to communicate"
  1. It can be hard to shift players. If I dont get any offers for any of mine I want to move on then I drop the asking price a little but bump up the sell on clause.
  2. I have had it a few times where I agree to sign a player inbetween windows then by the time he joins my club his attributes are massively different to when I agreed to sign him. It isnt age degradation as they're either youth prospects or players in their early 20s but it is very frustrating.
  3. It is a pain with Gloucester City. Despite repeated requests every season, the board doesnt acquire an affiliate. I'm in League 1 and only options I have are Slimbridge and Cinderford. Is it worth sending my youngsters out or just keep them in the reserves? By total coincidence the board actually found an affiliate in Vanarama North today!
  4. Thanks both. I appreciate it is what it is but it spoils the gameplay for lower level managers as we cant necessarily afford international players and my Cheltenham are marooned in 8th to 12th because I cant improve the quality of the squad sufficiently
  5. Please forgive me but I am a bit fick! What are the Brexit rules and regs? Playing as Cheltenham, got to the Championship but it pointless me scouting anywhere other than UK as I nearly always get players denied a permit. About 1 in 15 appeals are successful and I'm missing out on quality players because they cant get a permit. It seems overly restrictive at the moment. There are only so many UK players that have sufficient quality and are affordable.
  6. Assistant handles loans, lost a half decent young CB for peanuts as his loan buyout clause was apparently met. Thought this had been stopped with latest update?
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