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  1. I dont want to copy your tactic sinceIi want to make my own, but I have taken some of your setup into mine, what about this?
  2. I want a double pivot. Would it help to push up kante and jorginho into centre midfield with DLP-s and CAR-s?
  3. Please tell, I struggle hard with the tactic overall too (just lost 4-0 to Spurs). But I also want to get the best out of my front 3, does Havertz suit the Raumdeuter role? want him in the half-space @Experienced Defender
  4. This havent been the main tactic as i have changed alot, also Mounts goal are lots of freekicks. The problem is that i cant get Havertz and Mount to assist Werner.
  5. Thanks for the reply, im trying to implement a high press and if Mount is used as an Trequartista wouldn't it decrease his pressing? Same with Havertz on the other side, he is an AP (A).
  6. This is what i want to replicate - https://tactical-board.com/animation/b8f524bf2b342f_bfuk Both in the Middle 3rd and Attacking 3rd.
  7. Sorry if I confused you with my question, but I want Mount to underlap. So I have Mount on IW (s) duty, with stay narrower PI. So Chilwell can hold the width, and if he gets the ball then Mount will make an underlapping run for Chilwell so pass into.
  8. So if Chilwell is on WB (s) with stay wider PI and Mount is an inverted winger (s) with stay narrower PI, then Mount will underlap?
  9. Maybe put the DLP on support duty, if not the DLP and CB's may occupy the same spaces.
  10. I currently have a chelsea save where i try to make my own 3-4-3 (5-2-3 WB Wide) with inspiration from tuchels system. IRL Mount often drifts into the left side of the pitch in early build up, and then moving either inside or up the flank when Chilwell takes the wide position. If Chilwell gets the ball on the flank, Mount or Werner often make an underlapping run for Chilwell to pass the ball into. In game use Mount as an IW (s) and Chilwell as an WB (s). Is there a way to replicate this pattern in FM? If i use the TI Underlap left, will it then make Chilwell underlap Mount?
  11. Found out the reason. Couldnt extend because chelsea dont allow me t ooffer more than 1 year for players over 30, had to wait until the January transferwindow
  12. can't trigger contract extension clauses on my Chelsea players, SIlva and Giroud have 6 months left now, andi want to keep Silva. Anybody know why i can't trigger contract extension clause?
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